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an outlying farm

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But the hired men--the superintendent and his workmen--were the only ones who ever got anything out of your last experience with Colonel Waters at La Grange, and--and we at least lived among civilized people there.
A scramble of things bought at La Grange, without reference to size or style.
Go to the Grange to-morrow, and stay there a week in Miss Brock's society.
However, if you prefer my passing a week at the Grange to my passing it here, to the Grange I will go.
Sir Knight,'' replied Rowena, ``the grange which you contemn hath been my shelter from infancy; and, trust me, when I leave it should that day ever arrive it shall be with one who has not learnt to despise the dwelling and manners in which I have been brought up.
The road from Chiltern Grange is a lonely one, and at one spot it is particularly so, for it lies for over a mile between Charlington Heath upon one side and the woods which lie round Charlington Hall upon the other.
She was open, ardent, and not in the least self-admiring; indeed, it was pretty to see how her imagination adorned her sister Celia with attractions altogether superior to her own, and if any gentleman appeared to come to the Grange from some other motive than that of seeing Mr.
Sir James Chettam was going to dine at the Grange to-day with another gentleman whom the girls had never seen, and about whom Dorothea felt some venerating expectation.
Thou shalt come back neither to Beaulieu nor to any of the granges of Beaulieu, and thy name shall be struck off the scrolls of the order.
And it was the Plutocracy, through its secret agents of course, that encouraged the Grange Party and even spread it to the cities into the ranks of the dying middle class.
That was the Grange, remarked Albert, over his shoulder, and then he jammed the brake on, and the motor slowed down and stopped.
He looked enviously at the Grange, whose windows poured light and laughter.
The animals at Newham Grange Country Farm are a huge draw for families and their numbers have been boosted recently.
North East homebuilder Dunelm Homes has released two new house types for sale at its Bailey Grange in Killingworth, a 15-minute drive from Newcastle city centre.
In 2010, the Holden Grange received a grant from the state Grange association that allowed them to provide the pantry with $100 worth of supplies per month.