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an uncle of your father or mother


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Apart from visiting Maffeo Barberini and his brother Carlo, with whom Buonarroti was also on good terms, the poet was probably primarily occupied with transcribing his granduncle Michelangelo's poetry from copies in the Vatican Library in preparation for his forthcoming first edition, as well as with procuring works of art by Michelangelo and others that he intended to exhibit in the Casa Buonarroti in an aim to honor his famous ancestor with the construction and decoration of a galleria (carried out between 1612 and 1643).
Her great grandfather General Carlos Maria de Rojas was an important figure in Cuba's war for independence (1895-88) and her granduncle, Carlos Mendieta, was president of the nation in the 1930s.
But for every question over the too- fast- too- big expansion of the Sun TV Network, DMK patriarch and Marans' granduncle M.
She says, "Just as the film, it is about my granduncle Dr Govindappa Venkataswamy [popularly known as Dr.
I WAS FIRST introduced to Turner's 1949 work, Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect in the 1970s and became ecstatic with the discovery that my granduncle, Ruben Chisolm (Turner's spelling: Rueben Chisom), was one of the informants for his investigation, and second, that the language that I had heard and spoken amidst ridicule and shame was a legitimate African rooted language (Turner 291).
That Nilakantha, writing some years after Appayya's death, did not "update" the 1582 statistics of his granduncle is a clear indication that we should not take the attribution "author of a hundred books" too literally.
Quinceanera: Rejected by their families, a pregnant Latino teen and her gay cousin find shelter in the Echo Park, Los Angeles, home of their great- granduncle.
5) Her granduncle turned on the red lightbulbs in the altar.
One granduncle would go about town drunk, singing at the top of his lungs, and then frequently land in the slammer.
An all-Ireland winner, Shauna has a strong musical pedigree, including her granduncle the great singer and song collector Paddy Tunney.
Eakins taught my granduncle Henry Ossawa Tanner, an African-American painter, at a time when it was unheard of for a white teacher to champion a black artist, and he painted a portrait of my granduncle years later.
JESSIE has two claims to fame - her uncle is RTE newsreader Brian Dobson and her granduncle is 2FM legend Larry Gogan.
Halas also hails from a noted coaching family including: his granduncle George "Papa Bear" Halas; his grandfather, Walter Halas, Knute Rockne's backfield coach at Notre Dame; and his father, Pete Halas, a 25-year scout for the Bears.
Mrs Forde, who said Mel's granduncle Michael Mellett is on the local national school records, hopes the Hollywood hero will boost the cash appeal for the centre.
And a granduncle has served as an IRFU president in the past.