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an uncle of your father or mother


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Tan's granduncle Tan Chi is the grandfather of the Philippines' emerging 'Chicken King' Tennyson Chen of Bounty Fresh chicken and the Chooks-to-Go chicken eatery chain.
I attended his (Joya's) shows and asked him for art books as gifts,' the self-effacing artist recalls of his time with his granduncle that stoked his passion for painting.
Prior to them, my great granduncle served the villagers for 15 years.
By the time I could tell my ailing granduncle that I had gotten into IHM Pusa, it was too late.
During the subsequent decade, my great granduncle focused the firm on the investment banking and global securities brokerage businesses.
5) Richard Dawson was the author's maternal great, great granduncle.
In fact there was reference to Vice President 's personal connection with Turkey to his great granduncle who was sent here on a medical mission when Turkey was fighting for its independence.
As has been noted, Lucretia was born in Valencia, in 1480, and, with her brothers, Cesar and Jofre, was brought to Rome in 1488, by her granduncle Cardinal Rodrigo.
Juan Manuel's granduncle Eduardo Santos was president in the 1930's and 1940's, and the family owned Colombia's largest daily newspaper, El Tiempo, until 2007, when it sold the majority share to a Spanish media company.
For example, in his chapter on Ben Levi, the pseudonym for Godchaux Weil, who happened to be Marcel Proust's granduncle, Samuels convincingly argues how one of Ben Levi's stories illustrates the new sociological phenomenon of nonobservant Jews.
Consequently after his death in 1578 and the short reign of his moribund old granduncle, King Henry (1578-1580), a lifelong ecclesiastic also without progeny, Portugal fell into the hands of the Habsburg dynasty thus beginning the Babylonian Captivity that lasted for two generations (1580-1640).
For Cummin--a granduncle of Galway footballer Mattie Clancy--they are still very much part of the fabric of his life, just as playing for Connacht, winning national titles or representing Ireland in the Olympics was back in that glory year of 1948.
Like Granduncle Nobujiro Saito my father did not talk about his colorful life.