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someone who performs with an eye to the applause from spectators in the grandstand

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Or they might be grandstanders who are missing the point of a night at the ballpark.
He also contrasts this approach with the spiritual grandstanders who would use their demonstrable "gifts" for authoritarian control of others.
There are grandstanders who enjoy the notoriety and media access that can be gained from the occasional off-message statement to the press.
We cannot build the future on the backs of a few talented speakers, knee-jerk grandstanders, egomaniacal wanna-be "players" or wanna-be Democratic speechwriters.
Physicians who are different drummers can come across as strangely aloof or annoyingly animated, as clumsy communicators or eloquent grandstanders.
Whilst left-leaning lawyers savour newspaper opinion space to rail against burkas and detention centre despair, it appears that denouncing human rights violations in our suburbs hasn't captured the imaginations of professional grandstanders.
I sure would like to meet a couple of those grandstanders.
Among those who favor throwing away the key, this step will be viewed as a perversion of justice, the cynical maneuverings of greedy connivers and self-serving grandstanders, and we shouldn't be surprised if the moral fury that most people feel toward Walker Lindh is soon directed at his defense team as well.
It can feel a bit formal or rigid, especially with artists who know each other's work and ways of talking, but it allows for a surprising amount of ground to be covered in a short time and provides a structure for restraining grandstanders.
Bush can leave that to the talk show hosts, chattering classes, late-night comedians, and assorted political grandstanders.
Rather than playing defense under hot TV lights in front of the experienced grandstanders on the Senate Judiciary Committee armed with questions from staffers, why not give a series of speeches in controlled, familiar situations with more favorable audiences?
We are going to write about the heroes and expose the grandstanders," he said.
O'Rourke do not like pundits like Anna Quindlen; serious, bespectacled, dapper professionals at The Wall Street Journal do not approve of grandstanders like Hunter Thompson and Steve Dunleavy of A Current Affair.
The strike organizers, who had been shrugged off as grandstanders with little following, stunned authorities by filling the Zocalo, Mexico City's central square, with 200,000 supporters, for the largest student rally here since 1968.