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someone who performs with an eye to the applause from spectators in the grandstand

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Miss Sinclaire proves only that she is a grandstander seeking to progress her ambition to be a Westminster cabinet minister.
And while some have criticized Andre Matin for being a media grandstander and publicity hog, it's unlikely he'd take offense at the suggestion.
Do you want to be with a grandstander or do you want to be with somebody that has got a little bit of experience and stayed in investments?
Whereas Blomstedt offered a meek podium presence but unleashed great musical storms, especially in the Schubert, Nott is something of a podium grandstander capable of enviable delicacy in his musical expression, as his lithe and charm-filled account of the ``Little C major'' Symphony eloquently demonstrated.
Though Mayor James called him "a grandstander," Booker proved to be that and more when he announced his support for school vouchers in 2001.
Locals on the scene wondered aloud if vonKleist was one of those who had been sent in there as an agent provocateur to discredit them, or if he was merely a grandstander boosting his own ego.
Balcombe may be a hero to some house church Christians, but Aikman fails to mention that many fellow missionaries view him as a grandstander who thumbs his nose at the government in ways that have had bad consequences for Chinese believers.
Critics--especially fellow Senators--dismiss McCain as a self-righteous grandstander, but his issue has hit a sweet spot with the American public.
In fact, colleagues in the Senate regard McCain as a mere grandstander.
Along the way, without ever stopping to say so, he demolishes Horgan's thesis and reveals Horgan for the rash grandstander many scientists already thought him to be.
He denounces corporate special interests and Boschwitz's cozy relationship with them, yet he spends much time asserting that he is not an ideological grandstander but a senator who actually gets things done.
attorney in Los Angeles during the Johnson administration, is also a grandstander.
Donald Trump suggesting that FBI Director James Comey was a showboat and a grandstander is so like the pot calling the kettle black.