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the father of your father or mother

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com/locoforliam/status/385546955213926400) @locoforliam RIP grandpa Payne I never knew you but thank you so much for helping bring this amazing boy into the world.
com/DimiSklr_23/status/385467494087274496) @DimiSklr_23 Grandpa Payne will always protect&love u no matter where he is ♥ @Real_Liam_Payne #RIPGrandpaPayne #StayStrongLiam "
There's no doubt that Grandpas Farm is written and illustrated for children.
Matthew said: "All my grandpas are in heaven and we can't see them so I had the idea to adopt one.
Prospective grandpas would need to undergo a Disclosure Scotland police check and family interview.
THREE young brothers have issued an emotional plea for help - in finding them a grandpa.
I told them about the orphans and the widows and they started saying they were like orphans because they didn't have a grandpa.
When they said they would like to adopt a grandpa, I said 'yes', thinking they would forget about it.
It would be lovely to bless my kids with a grandpa, and perhaps bless someone lonely with some company.
In exasperation he said, "Mom, can't we just take any grandpa and get out of here?
For, more than anyone cared to admit, Grandpa Hopewell had become a symbol.
By the time Grandpa Hopewell gotthe cider, of course, he had dropped out of the newspapers.
Grandpa Hopewell says hecouldn't figure out why they were having fireworks.
Grandpa Hopewell flew around thecity hall several times to get his bearings and watch the fireworks.
Grandpa Hopewell headed towarda tower in an open space that he judged was Forest Lawn.