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Although originally Erikson does not specifically name grandparenthood as a part of the generative stage, in his later work he does suggest that older adults who participate in generative activities with children maintain a "grand-generative function" for healthy development (Erikson, 1982, p.
Or, this trend may point to the assumption that individuals with professional jobs are more likely to be retired when grandparenthood is achieved and that, conversely, those involved in farming or harvesting may need to continue working past retirement age, since one's "employment" is directly associated with survival.
KEY WORDS: couples; growth; transition to grandparenthood
It showed women generally became grandparents earlier than men, and grandparenthood came around four years earlier for manual workers compared with those from non-manual groups.
In the last several decades, researchers have produced a considerable amount of social scientific information on grandparenthood, how it is experienced, and its importance in the family system (see Bengtson & Robertson, 1985; Cherlin & Furstenberg, 1986; Smith, 1995; Strom & Strom, 1989).
There are chapters on helping youngsters balance the search for meaningful work with the responsibility for self-sufficiency, on coping with youngsters' sexual mores, on grandparenthood and on dealing with problems ranging from the acute to the chronic.
Grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life, as countless kind people have told me in recent months, so I am enormously proud and happy.
But while we await my son's firstborn, our daughter claims to be training us for grandparenthood through the medium of her two cats.
Reitzes and Mutran (2004) found that, although grandfathers experienced lowered levels of satisfaction with grandparenthood than grandmothers, this was mediated by the frequency of contact with the child, the centrality the grandfather attributed to the grandparent role and the grandparent's feeling of self-worth.
In their classic research of the 1960s, Neugarten and Weinstein (1964) indicated that grandparenthood contains the potential for the experience of biological renewal, continuity, self-fulfillment, a chance to succeed in a new emotional role, and indirect expansion of the self through the grandchild's achievements.
It is impossible to interpret this construction of grandparenthood without placing it in the broader context of 'social inclusion', itself a response to increased social fragmentation and economic competition.
On the series, McEntire portrays a teacher and divorced mother of three who juggles career, parenthood, grandparenthood, an ex-husband and the occasional date.
2000 Kelabit Names and Kelabit Titles: Grandparenthood, Prestige and Kinship.