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the father of your father or mother

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And it's got a big heart, in part thanks to the bond between Jack and Grandpa.
Grandpa took care of us many years, and when he fell sick, I tried to do my part to take good care of him,' Wei said, adding that sometimes Grandpa was depressed and would say something dispiriting and she would try to tell him to not think so negatively.
To avoid parking fees at his retirement home, Grandpa had been parking his vintage Mercedes in Lindsay's driveway for years.
Grandpa owned a Sampson in the early 1900s, my uncle had a Farmall C and I have had a Deutz-Allis along with the Cases.
I didn't understand that a fish couldn't live out of water, but Grandpa explained it while he put a new worm on my hook.
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this time together," Grandpa began, launching into a recitation of our day's activities.
To mark the celebration, he will go on his first hunting trip with Grandpa Gene.
Grandpa takes Lollipop on a dinosaur hunt, and their imagination does the rest.
Pray for Liam and Grandpa Payne :'( #RIPGrandpaPayne #StayStrongLiam"
My grandpa had separated his past from the present much as he kept milk and meat apart in his glatt-kosher kitchen.
My grandpa recently moved in with us and he gets on everyone's nerves.
Charlie's grandpa used to tell inventive stories of the pirate in his attic, the witch in his shed and the gnome in his basement who climbed out each time it rained.
Charlie's grandpa used to entertain him with fantastic stories, but lately Grandpa's just not himself.
A FEW MONTHS ago, my hunting buddy Joe called to ask if he could bring his cousin and grandpa hunting.
My grandpa made an owl house and hammered it to a maple tree just outside my window.