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  • noun

Synonyms for grandness

something meriting the highest praise or regard

Synonyms for grandness

a prominent status

unusual largeness in size or extent or number

the quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand

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The grandness of the pageantry wears thin quickly when what remains are absolute secrecy and exclusion of women as the model for governance.
So we're trying to re-create the idea of grandness that it had.
Before parting company with their bassist, the Scottish poet-popstars made this record, one that flows throughout with a grandness and a beauty designed for bigger stages than the ones they are currently playing.
You'll be surprised how gorgeous the surroundings will look and your guests will be impressed with the grandness of it all.
A serious disciple of Havana cigars-"no other rubbish, please"-the apparent grandness of the man does not tell the full story.
I've thought more and more about the Russian writers in the last ten years or so because it seems to me that you can get this expansiveness of a broad range of culture there, many layers of it, the conflict of it, the grandness of it, and the great tribulation of life, and that's a big important ingredient to me - and the humor that you see with Ellison, that was a big influence.
After all, the grandness of the setting shouldn't cause one to overlook its simple gifts - such as the chance to share a beach fire with friends and family, cook a few wieners, and marvel at the bright Milky Way.
Salonen's version is perhaps too dependent upon trying to convey the grandness of the music to lay claim to top honors, but one cannot fault him for trying hard in so admittedly grand a work.
Fischbacher, which was founded in 1819, is known worldwide for its grandness in scale and diversity.
I'm happy that "Live & Unwrapped" will be seen somewhere that will showcase the grandness of the 'Colosseum' at Caesars Palace and the uniqueness of this very intimate show," expressed Estefan.
In the center of a growing Phoenix, the University Club exists in unique harmony with its surroundings, providing state-of-the-art amenities amidst the grandness of luxury living from an earlier era.
As part of the scheme the first-floor rooms will be returned to their original grandness and scale as function rooms.
Yes, Bono and the band will always irritate as many as they thrill, but the music industry has missed their grandness - the egos, those shades and the political messages.
The Don exemplifies the grandness of America's traditional beach resorts as it casts a rouge glow across Pass-a-Grille Island from Boca Ciega Bay to the pearlescent sands of the Gulf.
LINDA SAYS Sometimes we set such high goals that they shut us down with their grandness.