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the mother of your father or mother

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My grandma is getting a bit older now, so it was good to see how besotted she was known with five - four not five Elliott with my daughter - she wouldn't let anyone else hold her
Baby Isla Grace with dad Connor grandma Amanda, great-grandma Carol and great-greatgrandma Beryl
My grandma Karen loves knitting, sewing, cooking, and baking.
As Grandma Aggie says, the job of the grandmother is to span humanity's greatest distance: "the 14 inches from our heads to our hearts.
Some of us will be dressed as international grandmas, others in traditional dress.
and the grandmas are asking you to arrive 15 minutes early to settle in with your pillows and blankets.
For a modest $1,625 they will send a real grandma to your house to deliver the package, hugs included.
It's just that some grandmas think and act differently.
It was then that I spotted two gorgeous little girls -- Hailey and Brittney -- accompanied by their grandma Margaret Phipps.
But the best things about my "Infant Play Yard" are really designed for Moms and Grandmas (Dads and Grandpas too I guess).
They quickly roped in the title of the Rodeo Grandmas when they appeared in a series of Washington Mutual commercials as part of the company's Free Checking ad campaign.
Moms and grandmas often underestimate their impact on future generations.
Last Friday, after I brought my daughter home, she told me, "Grandma was crying today and told me that 'Grandma Kitty' is not my grandma.
Grandma meets the Queen HarperCollins, 2010 unpaged NZ$19.