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the mother of your father or mother

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Grandma Dick's overall health and quality of life had been failing for at least a year before she responded to pleas from most of her five children that life might be easier for her in a CCRC or freestanding assisted living facility.
I watch my grandma, still in bed at least ten years since my earliest memories of her, except now I no longer talk to her but for stolen moments.
knew Grandma was telling Mama all about quilts and how this quilt would be very special.
COST: Some people think Grandma is the Grandmother of Grass instead of Graff.
Grandma made an offer, and if the granddaughter accepted the offer, a valid contract was created, and Grandma can no longer revoke it.
Wouldn't be a Decker family wedding without a parade," Grandma said from the porch swing.
jokes Grandma Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the chair of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
TANNER, Jane Love from Grandma Viking, 2010 unpaged $24.
In hospital on 21st August 2010, aged 85 years, Dora, (formerly Maddison), a much loved wife, mother, grandma and great grandma.
Beloved wife of the late Frederick, much loved mum of Vivienne, mum in law of Brian, devoted grandma of Kirsten and Daniel and great nana of Matthew, Thomas, Katie, Lily and Sam.
In loving memory of a wonderful mother, grandma and little grandma, Margaret.
Grandma always plays with me She teaches me new games She can see my invisible friends And she even knows their names.
The description of Grandma's home, of the grocer on the corner, of Grandma hanging wash on the line, and of having tea in the dining room all conjure the spirit of another era.
It was then that I spotted two gorgeous little girls -- Hailey and Brittney -- accompanied by their grandma Margaret Phipps.
Surprise salad," said Grandma as she headed toward the garden with a basket and trowel.