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in a grandiose manner

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Today, the complex is shut down, a desolate sight of the joys and opportunities it once grandiosely represented.
Roger Mosey, the Corporation's grandiosely titled Director of London 2012, said this rise was due to the BBC now having "four times as many TV channels and an extra radio station" which meant "double the number of hours to fill".
And the site of the Old Infirmary had one great advantage - it was the highest point in the area, and anyone with grand designs could create something akin to the Acropolis in Athens, looking down grandiosely.
But "Regina's Recovery Act" (as one of the newspapers somewhat grandiosely labelled it) could be implemented, the mayor himself admitted, only if the senior governments agreed to assume two-thirds of the cost.
They grandiosely proclaim themselves The Greatest Club In The World and are by far the most supported club in this country.
Edited by the radical journalist John Norton, the first history of the antipodean labour movement was published as the grandiosely titled The History of Capital and Labour in All Lands and Ages.
The Skriker appears as "a fairy queen, dressed grandiosely, with lapses" (35), and the whole of Josie's descent is underscored with music.
Nielsen's music thus encompasses two extremes: the straightforward and unassuming folk songs, with their "Schein des Bekannten", (11) and the more grandiosely conceived symphonies, concertos and quartets, with their sometimes hard-to-access tonal language.
At the same time al-Muctamid grandiosely divided what remained of the caliphate into two vice-regencies, with the western part (including Egypt) to be governed by al-Mufawwad, and the eastern part by al-Muwaffaq.
Instead of grandiosely securing Sarah's submission, instead of forcibly confronting the doctor "about taking my parents and doing things with them," Eggers rattles on into anticlimax, he is "so hot," "so tired, my head so heavy," "falling asleep," "so exhausted.
Robert Rubin (whom President Clinton grandiosely styled the greatest Secretary of the Treasury since Alexander Hamilton) subsequently served an eight-year stint with Citigroup, and is currently an economic advisor to President Obama and co-chairman of the ultimate insider club, the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations.
Bacon declared, somewhat grandiosely, "I will not consent to trample the New Testament under foot to accommodate the scruples of any man, however much I may desire to please him.
As an example, consider the following recitation, delivered solemnly and grandiosely by the Coach to illustrate the degree to which he supports George in his mayoral reelection bid:
As a kshatriya, it is my duty to help the extremely backward," he declared grandiosely.
A sense of Romanness, for example, has often been sought out architecturally: through the local, low-key Barocchetto of Garbatella, which remembers the minor architecture of the ancient and medieval Roman people (De Michelis); more grandiosely, through Fascist projects aimed at restoring an imperial and often mis-remembered form of romanita (Agnew)--a particularly striking example of how memory and identity work together to serve specific ideological positions; most recently, through the contemporary building of museum spaces that combine Rome's distant history with the most innovative architectural structures (Bernini).