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in a grandiose manner

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Rome grandiosely proclaimed September 23 the birthday of Emperor Augustus: "the birthday of the god marked the beginning of the good news for the world.
When Budiansky calls the Essays Before a Sonata "almost incoherent in places, grandiosely naive in others" (p.
While it situates itself grandiosely among other esteemed works of art, it also questions the limitations of art to satisfy the individual's desire for meaning.
to itself grandiosely as the "Official Cyber Caliphate".
Instead, on 13 August D'Annunzio published in Le Figaro a poem entitled "L'Ode pour la resurrection latine," in 11 parts and 231 verses that grandiosely initiated his interventionist campaign; curiously, the following day the poem was also published in Il Corriere della Sera marking a change in the newspaper's attitude towards the conflict (Woodhouse 273).
There is hardly any choreography to speak of -- in one number Byrne just sways back and forth as the camera flies overhead grandiosely as though this was a Busby Berkeley setup -- and the singing, across the board, is on-key mediocrity, even though the auto tuning does its best to obscure everyone's natural sound.
We must also consider all of Mailer's writing in the context of a purpose he both grandiosely and a little self-mockingly declares in Advertisements for himself: "The sour truth is that I am imprisoned with a perception which will settle for nothing less than making a revolution in the consciousness of our time" (17).
Let the political imposters swaggering on the national landscape so grandiosely know fully that they may be having some hardcore loyalists, but no icon of the mass of our people are they by every reckoning.
From the perspective of 2013, Fukuyama's dramatic pronouncement of the end of history seems grandiosely short-sighted, if not a little quaint.
Politics, relationships, economy, the things we talk about grandiosely, and that despite this talk are the emotional minutiae of daily life, loom large precisely because Ibrahim has minimized them in his narrator.
Beneath the bridge ran a sluggish, shallow, muddy and malodorous stream, grandiosely named the Adiganga, that first of holy rivers, prior to the great Ganga itself.
Zlotchew grandiosely broaches the subject of the detective story, "which has labyrinths in time and space," asking "what is the purpose of all this?
It begins with a collection of hymns, grandiosely titled The Friend of the World and containing lines like this one, in his poem "To the Reader": "My only wish is to be related to you, O fellow human being
Roger Mosey, the Corporation's grandiosely titled Director of London 2012, said this rise was due to the BBC now having "four times as many TV channels and an extra radio station" which meant "double the number of hours to fill".
And the site of the Old Infirmary had one great advantage - it was the highest point in the area, and anyone with grand designs could create something akin to the Acropolis in Athens, looking down grandiosely.