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in a rhetorically grandiloquent manner

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Milton's Satan, confronting the Archangel, grandiloquently proclaims:
Before we say, grandiloquently, that Africa is experiencing a crisis of political legitimacy, let's admit that our colonial territories, rebranded the African state system, never had any legitimacy to start with.
Later, that idea was grandiloquently expressed by Calgary journalist May Armitage: "when the Women's Page of the daily papers became a recognized department, many women in the land benefited directly or indirectly; she had within her reach not only an avenue of publicity, but also an access to justice on occasion, an open forum where her rights and privileges, her wrongs and prohibitions, might be discussed, for take a women's page with a real presswoman behind it, and it becomes a power whose scope may not be reckoned with.
Geelani grandiloquently states, "I salute the courage and resilience of Kashmiris who have been rendering unflinching sacrifices for the ongoing agitation.
Could it be the majesty of all those non-elected bureaucrats who grandiloquently fling billions of our pounds to all four corners of the EU superstate?
Most candidates grandiloquently proclaim that if elected, they will acquire a house in this most delightful of constituencies.
The grandiloquently named Alfred Karl Andreas Justinianus von Duczynski, born 7 October 1865, in Lemberg, Galicia, first appears in Duczynska's memoirs as an eighteen-year-old employee of the k undk Nordbahn railway.
Peter Such grandiloquently states that he wrote his Beothuk novel, Riverrun, as "a kind of debt I owe" to the Beothuk people (ix).
The same thought may be conveyed less grandiloquently by saying that people only need excuses because of their limitations.
In his revealingly titled America and the Perfectibility of Man O'Sullivan grandiloquently described the eschatological destiny of America to become a securely constructed cosmion guaranteeing earthly happiness through democracy.
In one episode where the abducted Lin Zhiyang is grandiloquently presented as the Lady Emperor's concubine after his abuse of foot binding, Li allows the suppressed voice of women to fight for their long-forgotten identity in the patriarchal institutions.
In Act I, Scene ii, Count Valerio has come to Orazio's home to request a sonnet, whereupon he waxes grandiloquently to Ridolfo, Orazio's father, on his son's exquisite talents.
First, the objective of research must be both clear and "not too grandiloquently vast.
The Premier diplomatically ventured that the whole affair was probably a regrettable mistake, the consequence of some minor official exceeding his authority, but he was nevertheless in no doubt that the Imperial authorities would take action, grandiloquently assuring the New South Wales public that, `The right arm of England had not forgotten its cunning, and she would protect her subjects now as in the good old days'.