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Synonyms for grandiloquent

Synonyms for grandiloquent

characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style

Synonyms for grandiloquent

lofty in style

Related Words

puffed up with vanity

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Alongside the images, billboards and banners welcome the Roman Catholic prelate in slightly grandiloquent terms.
Edwin Stanton's grandiloquent sendoff for the martyred Lincoln applies to Gore Vidal, author of the best fictive treatment our 16th president is ever likely to get.
The granting of the concessions will create conditions for efficient maintenance, modernization, and development of the transport infrastructure, integration of the Bulgarian transport system in the European one, transparent and harmonized conditions for competition on the transport market, and securing a good business environment as well as employment for the local population," states the grandiloquent decision of the Bulgarian Cabinet to grant the ports in Lom and Nessebar on concession.
The trainer's lightly-raced Grandiloquent has not been seen since winning a four-runner 1m4f contest at Newcastle on his handicap debut, form that has since been franked by the runner-up winning twice.
As I type this I realise I am subjecting you to a text that might be considered as grandiloquent (which is, itself a grandiloquent way of saying 'wordy
On the one hand Wilson sought to emulate the charisma of grandiloquent public men.
Or, in her grandiloquent phraseology: "I should not deny a corner of the world the opportunity to be heard on an amendment.
They figured this out over the course of a five-thousand-year-long process that has had its ups and downs, but amounts to a single scenario: a mute cast of millions supporting a series of grandiloquent leading men--pharaohs, high priests, presidents, generals, kings, you name it: different bag, same cheese puff.
By digging into history, these grandiloquent "experts" would be surprised to learn that the first printed Bible was produced by Johann Gutenberg, a Catholic,--with Church approval--in 1455.
Eliot, might object that 'Ternate and Tidore' are mystifying and grandiloquent words, introduced to inflate the image.
Although Wright launches his poem with the same words as the hymn, the grandiloquent affirmation of prayerful address is immediately turned on its head by the rest of his first line, which banishes what the speaker had just summoned: "no one believes you'll come back.
Unfortunately, the reader isn't laughing either, primarily because of Charlie's voice, which annoyingly alternates between nonsensical and grandiloquent.
If schizophrenia, as it is currently defined, is a bona fide disease, it follows that the old definition, the one that applied the label to grandiloquent novelists and apathetic housewives, was mistaken.
The presenter did not try to remind the grandiloquent fighter of the mass graves.
In a sense, the whole series comes to represent a triumph of rational scientific explanation and unromantic hard work instead of heroic conquests in the grandiloquent unknown.