grandfather clock

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a pendulum clock enclosed in a tall narrow case

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The inventor of the Electro-Watts Grandfather Clock has also developed a working prototype, which is available for further review under the appropriate terms and conditions of confidentiality.
The timing, as with the aforementioned grandfather clock, was crucial - and it was flawless.
The Master's Tardis was a grandfather clock in episodes of the original show called The Deadly Assassin and The Keeper of Traken.
The bed frame above came from pieces in an antique shop, and the grandfather clock at lower left from scrap cherry wood and a working clock taken from a ceramic piece.
A Newcastle City Council spokesman said: "We can confirm there was a leak of mercury from an antique grandfather clock at the Mansion House on Thursday morning.
A red grandfather clock standing near one of the store's many bay windows resembles something that could be found in a Dr.
Grandfather clock, floor clock, or tallcase clock, Greg Degani doesn't care what they're called.
They include a grandfather clock, a rocking chair and a rocking horse.
They included a grandfather clock, a Wedgewood bull, and a Capo Di Monte jug.
Five paintings by George Edwards Hering and William Frederick Witherington were also stolen, along with a grandfather clock and a mahogany wine cooler.
The Clock Shop is a thrilling novel of a logical military man, Colonel Chalres Rikker, whose trip to find an antique grandfather clock leads him to the Emit Levart Clock Shop.
Charming, elegant and with all the grace of an antique beautifully crafted clock is slightly smaller than a traditional grandfather clock and is hand built in either a rich mahogany or medium oak finish.
Charming, elegant and with all the grace of an antique this beautifully crafted Grandfather clock is hand built and has either a rich mahogany or pine finish.
Placing a grandfather clock at a major intersection may help a resident find the corridor where his or her room is located.
my grandfather clock sleeps through this labored life.