grandfather clause

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an exemption based on circumstances existing prior to the adoption of some policy

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Some associations will apply the grandfather clause when introducing a new certification, meaning that an individual can earn the certification based on experience or other criteria but not on an actual exam.
The 2011 Act does not directly address the MAOP grandfather clause, but it effectively and significantly limits its applicability through the new requirement that DOT promulgate testing regulations for previously untested transmission lines in HCAs operating above 30% SMYS.
But under a so-called grandfather clause, plans already in existence are exempt from many of the new requirements.
An Alabama congressman has proposed a grandfather clause for incumbent contractors who outgrow small business status by the time their contract is recompeted.
JQS also includes a grandfather clause permitting retroactive point credit dating back to Oct.
Part of the "New Perspectives on the History of the South" series, Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930 is a close look at the role of black men in resisting racial oppression in North Carolina during the beginning of the twentieth century--a time notorious for use of poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause to deny black men the right to vote, as well as segregationist Jim Crow laws.
The DOL came up with the grandfather clause to accommodate the two industries at the last minute," Webster says.
But I think there's a grandfather clause involved: Old and established names, or those that the customer is stuck with, are safer than newer ones.
Besides extending the moratorium that is scheduled to expire on November 1, the legislation would clarity the definition of "Internet access," preserve the grandfather clause in the original legislation that protects state and local taxes imposed on Internet access prior to 1998 and exempt from the moratorium general business taxes imposed by four states as either a substitute to or a supplement to corporate income taxes paid by businesses.
Whatever we come up with, we will have to develop a grandfather clause.
a member of the fish and game association, contends that because shooting had been allowed for years, the range falls under a so-called grandfather clause, as a pre-existing nonconforming use.
Despite the enormous political victory for the EU of forcing the US to rewrite its domestic tax laws, the Union objected to some aspects of the final agreement in the Congress, namely a three year transition period and a grandfather clause which continues the benefits of the FSC scheme for companies who entered into contracts before September 17, 2003.
Although my editorial did not directly deal with the complex issue of recertification per se, I acknowledge that the grandfather clause is controversial.
49 also calls for the immediate elimination of the ITFA grandfather clause permitting state and local governments to continue levying Internet access taxes that were "imposed and actually enforced prior to October 1, 1998.
Once used in southern states, the Grandfather Clause barred African Americans from voting if they or their descendants had not exercised that right prior to 1867.