grandfather clause

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an exemption based on circumstances existing prior to the adoption of some policy

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Some associations will apply the grandfather clause when introducing a new certification, meaning that an individual can earn the certification based on experience or other criteria but not on an actual exam.
Besides extending the moratorium that is scheduled to expire on November 1, the legislation would clarity the definition of "Internet access," preserve the grandfather clause in the original legislation that protects state and local taxes imposed on Internet access prior to 1998 and exempt from the moratorium general business taxes imposed by four states as either a substitute to or a supplement to corporate income taxes paid by businesses.
a member of the fish and game association, contends that because shooting had been allowed for years, the range falls under a so-called grandfather clause, as a pre-existing nonconforming use.
Although my editorial did not directly deal with the complex issue of recertification per se, I acknowledge that the grandfather clause is controversial.
49 also calls for the immediate elimination of the ITFA grandfather clause permitting state and local governments to continue levying Internet access taxes that were "imposed and actually enforced prior to October 1, 1998.
Once used in southern states, the Grandfather Clause barred African Americans from voting if they or their descendants had not exercised that right prior to 1867.
The old plants benefited from a grandfather clause under the 1970 Clean Air Act that allowed them to continue operating without cleaning up.
In addition, the law does not include a grandfather clause, meaning that a company can't use an individual's information if it doesn't have his or her consent when the law takes effect--even if the data was collected 10 years ago.
It is also worth noting that OSHA has, in the past, incorporated a grandfather clause in its standard.
So many people are looking to secure designation as a certified Aboriginal financial manager (CAFM) that the organization that grants that certification -- Aboriginal Financial Officers Association Canada (AFOA Canada) -- has added more time to a grandfather clause that means qualified financial managers can get credit for work experience.
If the grandfather clause was canceled right now, we would benefit the most of any of the companies in Texas because our nitrogen oxide emissions add up to less than half a percent of the total," he says.
States eligible for the grandfather clause can choose not to tax Internet access.
A grandfather clause of the legislation said the new law would not apply to any amount received under a written binding agreement, court decree or mediation award in effect on (or issued before) September 13, 1995; therefore, the new law did not affect the taxation of punitive damages received due to physical injury or physical sickness before passage of the 1996 act.
Since such an intent could not have been formed until the regulations appeared, at least in proposed form, this rule has a built-in grandfather clause for previously constructed structures.
A grandfather clause stated that the rule applies only to income from tax-exempt bonds purchased after August 8, 1986.