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a middle-aged or elderly woman who is stylish and highly respected

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The 54 metre Holland designed Perini Navi ketch Parsitat III took out the Grandes Dames des Mers class ahead of Panthalassa andAxia and in the Elegantes class the Hoek 42 metre schooner This Is Us outclassed second place-getter Blue Too with Windcrest third.
A LONG-running spat between two grandes dames of British television almost ended in disaster the other night when Prime Suspect writer Lynda La Plante bumped into Anne Robinson and threatened to tip a bowl of spaghetti bolognese over her.
The Grandes Dames of Weatherfield do battle when Audrey accuses Rita of having an affair with Alf before he died.
She has the right big, plummy sound for this role, and a feeling for the portamento that makes the music for Strauss's grandes dames seem to float effortlessly in space sometimes.
Two grandes dames of Russian ballet--the Maryinsky and Bolshoi Theaters--are showing their age, and both are scheduled for face-lifts.
One of these precocious grandes dames seemed to have gray streaks dyed into her hair, the better to appeal subliminally to the certain age of the de la Renta freaks identifying with girls who looked like their daughters dressed like their mothers, without a trace of irony.
Passage et defi reussis de cet orchestre qui a notamment pour but de perenniser la memoire des plus grandes dames qui ont marque de leur genie la musique classique algerienne, a l'image de Fadila Dziria, Maalma Yamna, Meriem Fekkai, Cheikha Tetma-