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a nobleman of highest rank in Spain or Portugal

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If I had been in the service of some grandee of Spain or personage of distinction," replied the youth, "I should have been safe to get it; for that is the advantage of serving good masters, that out of the servants' hall men come to be ancients or captains, or get a good pension.
And mind you, I'm not talking about only the grandees from OUR world, but the princes and patriarchs and so on from ALL the worlds that shine in our sky, and from billions more that belong in systems upon systems away outside of the one our sun is in.
A mudsill like me trying to push in and help receive an awful grandee like Edward J.
She turned on at once the tap of her volubility and I was not surprised to learn that the grandee had not done such an extraordinary thing as to call upon me in person.
The card was, under its social form, a mere command to present myself before the grandee.
Now they beheld a table of solid silver, once the property of an old Spanish grandee.
When he came he was greeted by his host with the proud courtesy of a Spanish grandee and by Mrs.
would have no inclination for a war on that subject, I will answer for an arrangement, the result of which must bring greatness to Porthos and to me, and a duchy in France to you, who are already a grandee of Spain.
A PM with zero credibility would be a nice bonus for Labour but ruthless Conservative grandees will, alas, never let it happen.
Now Theresa May and the Tory grandees must be concerned because if they lose the General Election it will be the greatest act of political suicide in history.
The party grandees told me that the last thing the city needed was uncertainty, witnessed by the internecine warfare of the 1980s.
And even Tory grandees, Tory councils and her own backbenchers are calling for a U-turn.
Are these grandees any aware of the ridicule and disdain that their pranks and antics in the brawl are drawing them in heaps and piles from the people who are being plagued by a multiplicity of miseries and wants and are desperate for some relief and some respite from this unbearable painful travail that has become the hallmark of their unlivable lives?
Within days of UK ministers axing aid to the Ugandan government after its grandees stole PS1.
The calls come amid accusations that the PM is concealing the names of multi-millionaire donors, Tory grandees, celebrities and friends he has wined and dined at taxpayers' expense.