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Synonyms for granddaddy

the father of your father or mother

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For Novak, that was the whole point of creating Granddaddy.
Granddaddy had been watching from the patio where he sat spitting Redman into a plastic cup.
One of the many blessings Granddaddy gave me was the Duck Woods, the refuge so many of us had the privilege to seek out for male camaraderie, fellowship and solitude.
Trying to keep warm by the sand dunes and the loblolly pines," Granddaddy says, handing me his fire axe.
Granddaddy teaches the girl about the importance of education, the right to vote, and voting.
Nequin was a guest speaker for the American Medical Jogging Association (the granddaddy of AMAA today) he met Dr.
Prog-rock fans also have reason to rejoice, as genre granddaddy Rush kicks off a North American tour in June.
the time may be ripe for yet another look at the postwar granddaddy of bodily transformation.
Possibly the granddaddy of popular self-help books was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, first published in 1952.
This MTV classic is the granddaddy of 'em all, having been on the air since 1992.
This series follows much the same format as its ancestor, right down to the granddaddy of all game shows Beat The Clock.
Schrock--a member of the original cast of The Dirtiest Show in Town, the long-running gay-flavored off-Broadway revue that opened in 1970, a year after the heterosexual granddaddy of the genre, Oh
While it obviously has a long way to go to reach granddaddy Tabasco, which controls 23.
But the granddaddy of Windy City celebrations is the twelve-year-old Spring Festival of Dance, which this year featured four Chicago troupes, several others from Europe, and such national stars as Garth Fagan, Bill T.
Some researchers are going after the granddaddy of them all: the bean.