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Synonyms for granddad

the father of your father or mother

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And we went for a drink with our Granddad to the Prince Rupert in Nechells, because that was the nearest pub that sold his favourite mild brewed by Butler's of Wolverhampton.
Declan Bennett (centre) with Kath | Ham, lodge manager, his granddad Jim King and other residents at Stretton Lodge.
My granddad has been a big influence in getting me into rugby and where I am today.
I will miss our daily talks and my daughter will not be able to grow up and know her granddad.
He said: "My granddad has hardly missed any of my games and he has taught me how to discipline myself and do my best.
They have a hip granddad, rather than a granddad with dodgy hips
STAR: 'I knew granddad would be watching' ON THE BALL: A young Vinnie
One person worked hard to prove that his great granddad, Major Henry Livingston, wrote it.
Sophie's granddad owned Golightly's, "the best cake shop in town.
They love to make believe, ask questions and generally get involved with whatever Granddad is doing, especially when Granddad is in his greenhouse where he keeps his treasure -- a restored and working 1950's Wurlitzer Jukebox.
When we were little, Our Mom and Dad took Granddad to a Billy Graham meeting that I think was in Summerfield Park.
Fond granddad to Christopher and Fay and great granddad to Matthew, Chelsea, Lewis, Theo and Spence.
But the lifelong Blue always had Everton in his thoughts and never more when his granddad, who died last year, told him about the club during his playing days.
John said that he would just have to catch up on BBC and his granddad would have been really pleased that Andy won in three sets, adding that it was a silly record about a British male not winning Wimbledon for 77 years.