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Synonyms for granddad

the father of your father or mother

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Good luck to your granddad and I wish him a full and speedy recovery.
By this time, of course, granddad had done his disappearing trick.
My grandfather's best friend told it, and I laughed, but only because Granddad did.
If I was lucky, I might replace one of my two cousins who vied for the cushion beside Granddad on that kitchen podium, where the plans for the day and the events of yesterday were presented to the captive breakfast audience.
Joe said: 'My dad said his granddad looked exactly the way she described.
She also had to fly home unexpectedly to bury her beloved granddad.
But one of the men who knew his granddad when they were students in school reveals a hideous secret that Charlie can't seem to forgive or forget.
Esther, who has already had two lifesaving operations, is telling her mum Sarah: "I'll be well again mummy just like granddad.
But if you take care of a granddad, A good one will last you for years
Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman Regina King Granddad John Witherspoon Uncle Ruckus Gary Anthony Williams Tom DuBois Cedric Yarbrough Sara DuBois Jill Talley Jazmine Gabby Soleil
I hate to stereotype, but your granddad is the stodgiest one in the family," says Noonan.
My granddad started out rolling tobacco and had only a fourth grade education," Bob said.
Often, over the next several years, dad and granddad took me to Greenleaf on weekends during school and several times a week during my summer vacations.