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an aunt of your father or mother


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The combination of one E-4 and a maternal grandaunt with memory loss would be strong--although not conclusive--indicators that the undesired variant had come from my mother.
Hoag's 86-year-old grandmother, grandaunt, uncles, aunts and cousins saw the commercial, which aired in the first quarter.
Nayantara Sehgal, the niece of Jawaharlal Nehru and Varun's grandaunt, too said she was shocked.
Deephaven details Kate Lancaster and Helen Denis's summer visit to the Maine village of Deephaven, where they keep the house of Kate's grandaunt, Mrs.
He added that he never felt he had a proper vocation when he joined the Marist Brothers and only did so because of pressure from a grandaunt.
When he submitted his report he said that just one family, the Halls in Cork, were related to a woman 18 years older than Dermot's grandaunt.
Kerry's grandaunt Jenny was 70 when she was seized by the Nazis in Vienna, but there is no indication how old she was when she was killed.
shrink's office, where Texan Ty (Kirk Geiger) spills out regrets about his homophobic mom, Latrelle (Bonnie Bedelia); the Texas home of Ty's grandaunt, Sissy (Beth Grant), who has to mollify distressed neighbor Noleta (Delta Burke) while playing go-between to conservative Latrelle and her lustier feuding sister, LaVonda (Ann Walker); and Wardell's bar, where Noleta's hubby, G.
At the front of Landi> handan fjarskans (The Land Beyond Distance), a novel awarded the Halldor Laxness Literary Prize in 1997, is a kind of dedication that states: "Fond thanks to Grandaunt Olof, that delightful lady who kept alive the stories of her great-grandmother, Gossamer Olof, an unwed mother of a child by an excellent man who longed for peace and fled war.
Following the death of the two, Li Zihen, wife and grandaunt, died quietly in poverty, desperation, and hopelessness.
I lived with them and a grandaunt who had remained single all her life.
Sam Frugal of Kona says, "We thought our grandaunt would never die.
Miss Betsey Trotwood, an eccentric grandaunt, was present on the night of his birth, but she left the house abruptly and indignantly when she learned that the child was a boy who could never bear her name.
My late grandaunt, Eufrosina Custodio, was a teacher at the Canossa School of Sta.
The RTE star's grandaunt on his father's side, Temperance Ayde Curran, married William Cruise - a possible cousin of the Mission Impossible actor.