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the father of your father or mother

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Love you always, Olivia, Lacey & Leyton xxx BOYD JOE Have a great day grandad we love you.
Love, Rahmona Dawn & Marciano Wayne x FALLIS GEORGE Father's day Happy fathers day to my dad & grandad love always Lisa Ian girls xx FALLIS GEORGE Happy fathers day love from natalie garry kids xx FALLIS GEORGE Happy fathers day grandad love shaun & rosie lily rose xxx FALLOW EDDIE Happy Father's Day to the best Dad, Your 1 in a billion.
Love from your princess Kloe xx eason holliman and hale witherspool robert len alfred alan jeff james peter richard to our dad and grandads robert eason len holliman alfred alan holliman and to our uncles and godfathers peter robert and richard and steve winters hope you have a wonderful day love you all loads from elizabeth james maryann jamesalan chloe peter dannielle Edwards Gary Happy Fathers Day
CARR JOHN To Grandad Happy Fathers you are always the star that's shining bright in the sky.
Your Princess Evie and Mammy xxx OLIPHANT PHILIP Happy Father's Day Love, Alexia,Wayne, Phillippa, Gracie, Reenie, Frasier, Denis xx OLIVER HAROLD Happy fathers day dad hope you have a Good day lots of love Tressa and Stephen xxx OLIVER HAROLD To the best grandad happy fathers day love you loads Rachael xxx OLIVER IAN Happy Father's Day Dad/ Grandad Love from your kids & granddaughter xxxxxxxxx OLIVER PAUL ANTHONY Thanks for being such a great daddy.
Love u so much , B xx KING DARREN Happy Father's Day Uncle Darren Love Toby Xx KING IAN to the worlds best dad, thanks for always being here for me love u millions from ur son Armanii xxxx KING IAN love you millions daddy, love your princess liv xxx KING JASON Happy Father's Day Uncle Jason Love Toby Xx KING JOHN happy fathers day dar, never forgotten ynwa xxxx KING JOHN Happy fathers day grandad, ynwa Armanii & liv xxx KING PHILIP Happy Fathers Day Uncle Philip Love Toby Xx KING STEPHEN Happy 1st Father Day Grandad Love Toby Xx KING STEPHEN Happy 1st Grandads Day.
Tyler ALAN to grandad happy fathers day hope u have a nice day love connor xx tyler RONNIE To a very special dad on fathers day have a great day dad love from tony sarah xxxx TYLER TONY To the best dad ever so proud your my dad have a great day love you loads adam catlin xxxx tyler VINCE To a one in a million dad happy fathers day love Izzy xxxx tyler VINCE To a one in a million dad happy fathers day lots of love Amelia xxx TYRRELL MICHAEL Happy Father's Day to the best daddy ever Love from your babies Phoebe & Arthur xxxxxx Usher MALCOLM To the worlds best dad, all our love, Emma, Debbie, Paul and Ste.
WELCH ALAN Happy Father's Day dad ,grandad we love Peter , erica and kids and Katie Harry grace and Noah xxx WELCH LEO to our wonderful dad the best in the universe love you all the world from susan matthew leo joan & annmarie xxxxx WELCH LEO to our lovely grandad the best ever we love you always from all your grandchildren greatgrandchildren and great granddaughter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WELCH PETER Happy father day day dad love Joshua , Katherine xx WELCH PETER Happy Father's Day grandad love Katie ,Harry ,grace , Noah xx WELCH PETER happy Father's Day dad love Amy and meghann xxx WELLS JOHN Happy father's day dad.
Love, kisses and cuddles from your turtle, lollipops and ludypoos xxxx Brown DAVE Happy Father's Day grandad lots of love and hugs Rosie and Poppy xxx Brown DAVID LEIGH Happy Father's Day Lots of love, Jonny and Michelle brown DAVID LEIGH Have a great day Lots of Love Lucy Brown DAVID To the best dad/grandad happy Father's Day lots of love Debbie & Craig & kids xx Brown DENNY Happy father's day dad Lots of love Patrick & Sean BROWNEDDIE Happy Father's Day Grandad Eddie.
All my love Grace xxxx TACEY RICHARD TREVOR Have a boss 'Pops' Day' lar - with special love, Laura Neve x TAGGART DON happy Father's Day dad/ grandad have a lovely day James,Paula and girls xxx TAGGART JAMES happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world love you lots Emma Elisha Olivia xxx TAGGART JOHN Happy Fathers Day Dad.
Lots of love Donna & Mark xxx HENDERSON KEVIN ANTHONY Dad and Grandad, love Lucy, Luke, Ruby and Alistair HENDERSON PAUL Happy fathers day grandad see you soon love Olly and Luca xxx HENDERSON PAUL Happy fathers day dad love mart and Hayley xx HENDERSON PAUL Happy Father's Day to my grandad , my hero and my best friend lots of love Austin xx HENWOOD ANDREW Happy Fathers Day to the best dad ever, love you lots love from Jack, Ellie, Charlie x HENWOOD ANDREW Happy Fathers Day Dad, We Love You Millions.
your one & only son Thomas Patrick xxx SIZE LEE To the best daddy we could ever ask for, hope your day is as special as you love Bobby & Lee Lee SKELLAND ROBERT Happy Grandads Day
Lots and lots of love and kisses from James and Holly xxx JOHNSON BILLY Happy Grandads Day love from Evie-Mae xx JOHNSON BRIAN Happy Father's Day To the best grandad ever love Harvey xxx JOHNSON CHRISSY Happy Fathers day Dad, so glad i'v got u in my life.
Love you, love Sarah, Jay, Elliot and Rob xx JONES GEOFFREY Happy Grandads Day to my best mate, love you as much as I love football lots of love Bobby 2 xxx JONES GEOFFREY Happy Grandads day
Love from your two Little Princesses xx MASON GRANDAD Happy Grandads Day Lots of kisses & sqeezes Love you from Trae xxx MASON LINCOLN Happy 1st Fathers Day Daddy Love you millions of kisses love Trae xxx Mason MATT Happy fathers day Dad.