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a child of your son or daughter

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Hannah Ellis, Dylan Thomas' grand-daughter unveils the plaque on a postbox in King's Road, Swansea James Davies
My sincere thanks and those of my grand-daughter are due to these people who took such care for a young woman in distress.
OUR grand-daughter Jeannie is a three-year-old delight who holds one of the mysteries of the universe.
It pains me that my aged mother's medical treatment is being compromised and my little grand-daughter has never been able to attend school because of our situation.
PAM Phillips marked the incredible milestone of her 106th birthday with her first ever cuddle with her youngest great great grand-daughter.
First grand-daughter for Paul and Tracy, niece for Max.
Manama-Sept 9-(BNA)His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa today sent a cable of congratulation to his grand-daughter Shaikha Noor bint Rashid Al-Khalifa marking her successful participation in the glamorous New York Fashion Week, earning recognition of the audience and critics.
The 71-year-old from Cork was crowned Grandparent Of The Year - thanks to her grand-daughter Emelia Deane.
A GRAND-DAUGHTER I saw a lovely, little girl, Walking ahead, Just in front of me.
The attorney for the parents of Casey Anthony is denying media reports which claimed that they believe their grand-daughter is guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee.
A DEVOTED elderly couple found murdered in Wolverhampton were killed in their own bed, their grieving grand-daughter revealed today.
SIR Alan Beith's election campaign has been interrupted by labour - the arrival of a baby grand-daughter.
Hannah Smith, 63, was found dead in her f lat by police who broke down the door after being called by a worried grand-daughter.
Tudor stalwart Alan Waldron, aged 71, is joined by his daughter Paula, 41, and grand-daughter Georgia, 11.
LSJ is furious with a bus driver: "The nippy sweety might have been within her rights to force my wee grand-daughter to jump through hoops but is there not any room for common sense and compassion?