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a child of your son or daughter

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Here Madame de la Rocheaimard whiled away the close of a varied and troubled life; if not in absolute peace, still not in absolute misery, while her grand-daughter grew into young womanhood, a miracle of goodness and pious devotion to her sole surviving parent.
What I want your grand-daughter for, is to point 'em out to the company; they would be soon learnt, and she has a way with her that people wouldn't think unpleasant, though she does come after me; for I've been always accustomed to go round with visitors myself, which I should keep on doing now, only that my spirits make a little ease absolutely necessary.
The girls are his grand-daughters, the elder, Lilla, being the only child of his elder son, who died when she was less than a year old.
Liz's grand-daughter Courtney Swan shared the picture on Facebook and paid tribute to the star.
While some have already changed the nameplates, many have ordered new ones carrying the names of their daughter or grand-daughter.
Phillip Dunn, of Prestatyn, said he contacted North Wales Police after threats were made on Facebook to break his grand-daughter Katelyne Mitchell's legs.
But most of all, he was proud of his children and loved his family and grand-daughter very much.
My grand-daughter, who has problems with her leg, fell on the Cogan bus on Friday February 13.
OUR grand-daughter Jeannie is a three-year-old delight who holds one of the mysteries of the universe.
It pains me that my aged mother's medical treatment is being compromised and my little grand-daughter has never been able to attend school because of our situation.
PAM Phillips marked the incredible milestone of her 106th birthday with her first ever cuddle with her youngest great great grand-daughter.
First grand-daughter for Paul and Tracy, niece for Max.
Manama-Sept 9-(BNA)His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa today sent a cable of congratulation to his grand-daughter Shaikha Noor bint Rashid Al-Khalifa marking her successful participation in the glamorous New York Fashion Week, earning recognition of the audience and critics.
The 71-year-old from Cork was crowned Grandparent Of The Year - thanks to her grand-daughter Emelia Deane.
A GRAND-DAUGHTER I saw a lovely, little girl, Walking ahead, Just in front of me.