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the sum of the sums of several groups of numbers

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6 million domestically over the weekend for a grand total of $201.
With an impressive grand total of [pounds sterling]85,288.
Johnson's winning adventure started in December 2010, when he beat Tropicana Casino, Borgata Casino and Tropicana Casino for a grand total of $15.
With most of the accessible stretches iced up, they were reduced to fishing the The Deeps at Glenlaggan, where James Woodrow weighed in the winning net of two skimmers for a grand total of 1lb.
Fearing I may have a house infestation I contacted a private pest control company and had to pay the grand total of pounds 90 for the service which, if you include the survey, took only 20 minutes.
An auction, raffles and donations on the night helped organisers hit the grand total.
They join the other 13 schools in the county borough to have won the award, bringing the grand total to 15.
The mystery backer, who staked just the minimum pounds 2, now has a chance to play for the bonus fund of pounds 333,916 and become the bet's first ever small-stake millionaire by winning a grand total of pounds 1,029,827.
It comes out to a grand total of 93,312 different combinations.
THE poppy appeal in Stockton's Castlegate Centre raised a grand total of pounds 6,727.
Ontarians last year bought a grand total of about 1,000 hybrid vehicles," said DesRosiers Automotive Consultants chief Dennis DesRosiers.
of Education Funding 2001 2002 2003 GRAND TOTAL 73,929,485,607 86,356,523,692 96,488,804,195 ESEA TITLE I 8,762,721,000 10,350,000,000 11,688,664,000 2004 2005 2006 GRAND TOTAL 105,127,528,512 110,164,430,376 116,178,191,532 ESEA TITLE I 12,342,309,000 12,739,571,000 13,342,309,000 2001 to 2006 % change GRAND TOTAL 57% ESEA TITLE I 52% NOTE: Allocations for fiscal years 2005 and 2006 are preliminary estimates Source: U.
10 Squadron helped initiate Sopwith's graceful little triplane to action, and also included several high-scoring aces on its roster, such as Canadian Ray Collishaw, who eventually tallied a grand total of 60 kills and saw service in WW II as an air commodore.
Merchant also sold off its Woodwards department store in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, for pounds 4m, making a grand total of pounds 29.