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Synonyms for theory

Synonyms for theory

abstract reasoning

a belief used as the basis for action


something taken to be true without proof

Synonyms for theory

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In essence, the high-level abstract concepts in an extant grand theory may yield context-specific manifestations.
For example, the complexity of communities is recognized and is seen as networks of people; mixed methods for data generation and analysis are used; efforts are made to secure access to high quality empirical data; and the single case is the empirical base for generating theory in both the substantive, mid-range and grand theory zones.
If the researcher applied a grand theory approach, she/he could easily say that gravity explains why the ball fell.
2) Due to these new theories, grand theory came to be treated as little better than a confused and outdated mode of interpretation.
Framing theory building as a choice between grand theory and particularism produces, according to Sartori, an "oscillar[ion] between two unsound extremes"--either a fixation on detail that abandons the necessity of conceptual development, logical rigor, and the search for similarity, or a devotion to theorizing that is ungrounded in empirical reality (1970, 1033).
On the other hand, Chapter 7 argues that it is possible to use Islamic discourses for the development of a grand theory of peace research.
The point, though, is not that both grand theory and popular constitutionalism are seriously flawed.
Newcastle's Centre for Life marked the occasion with a string of activities surrounding Darwin's grand Theory of Evolution which changed the way the human race thought about itself.
Fawcett further states that SUHB a conceptual model rather than a grand theory because the concepts and propositions are more abstract and general than grand theories or middle-range theories (J.
Carroll refers in passing to Frederick Crews' parody of evolutionary literary criticism, but without acknowledging the principled skepticism of Grand Theory as such underpinning Crews' various writings.
While the complexity in the status of theory reflects the complexity of career behaviour, the need for a corresponding complex grand theory, or group of theories, was the basis of the challenge posed to career theorists over a decade ago (Savickas & Lent, 1994).
Curtis unfortunately neglects to put Lemi-Gourhan's theory into the essential context of the tumult over structuralism and the search for a grand theory of signs, symbols, and linguistics that was sweeping French intellectual life in the 1960s.
So, the grand theory that a government can lower interest rates to persuade businesses to stockpile inventories is no longer as effective.
Along this line, they argue that a grand theory of feminism that encapsulates all forms of oppression must be abandoned, for oppression varies not only cross-culturally, but by gender, race, ethnicity, and class.
A popular text emphasizing the grand theory tradition might be Mast, Cohen, and Braudy's Film Theory and Criticism.