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opera in which all the text is sung

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He was driven on, and other carriages came whirling by in quick succession; the Minister, the State-Projector, the Farmer-General, the Doctor, the Lawyer, the Ecclesiastic, the Grand Opera, the Comedy, the whole Fancy Ball in a bright continuous flow, came whirling by.
I have promised to escort to the Academie a Greek princess of my acquaintance who has never seen your grand opera, and who relies on me to conduct her thither.
Freeman went on to a long career in New York, composing some fifteen full-scale grand operas, a number of which received full-scale performances.
The 17 operas are presented chronologically in the context of his life, and the German and Italian operas, such as Il Crociato in Egitto and Jephthas Gelubde, are examined alongside the more well known French grand operas, such as Les Huguenots.
Rock 'n' roll, grand operas, folk songs and football anthems have been put together on one CD entitled Middlesbrough: A Most Unusual Town.
Los Angeles Opera takes center stage in the coming weeks with two grand operas in repertory.
His two grand operas are Natoma (1911), an Indian play, and Madeleine (1914), a one-act drama.