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a middle-aged or elderly woman who is stylish and highly respected

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Farewell indeed to Theresa Russell (Chron, July 4), one of the grand dames of the city and someone with whom I enjoyed a warm and lengthy friendship.
The grand dames of food periodicals include 65-year-old Gourmet, 50-year-old Bon Appetit and 28-year-old Food & Wine.
JANE Russell, one of the last surviving Hollywood grand dames, isn't too impressed with the choice of Leonardo Di Caprio to play the movie mogul who discovered her, eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes.
Joan Collins, Shirley Bassey, Joan Rivers and even Liz Taylor are grand dames who can still cut it in sequins and stilettos.
Elena Dee plays the central character, Floria Tosca, with a freshness which often eludes the more statuesque grand dames of the opera world.
Sheila, one of the grand dames of stage and screen, will play bad boy Steve Owen's long-suffering mum Barbara.
24, and followed the week-long christening festivities leading up to the ship's naming ceremony, where Olivia de Havilland, one of Hollywood's grand dames of the screen, made ship christening history when she officially named Grand Princess simultaneously in person and online.
CONTACT: Walt Disney World Press & Publicity Department, 407-824-4531/ CO: Walt Disney World; Les Grand Dames Tennis Tournament Championships ST: Florida IN: LEI SU: