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the father of your father or mother

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According to Gramp, the methodology contained in ASTM WK35985 for assessing best management practices will be used in the commercial laundry industry to certify that the laundry process of a given establishment is sustainable and compliant to the standard.
She and I were working on settling in her African violets when Gramp, tight-wrapped in a navy blue terrycloth robe, his graywhite hair slicked back, emerged and marched to the center of the living room.
My gramp had been a regular down the City in the 1930s and '40s apart from when he and his mates had gone off to fight a war.
Another donation of pounds 20 comes 'with treasured memories of a much loved dad and gramp.
Gran and Gramp, I've no idea if those were their real names or nor) got the sandwiches out.
Another pounds 20 comes 'with birthday memories of a dear dad and gramp, Bert Johnson.
And Prizeman has been handed a key role by manager Nigel Best, who will urge him to get forward in support of front runners Glenn Ferguson and Tony Gramp.
A DONATION of pounds 20 comes from June, Walter and Mark 'in loving memory of Bert Johnson on Father's Day, a much loved dad and gramp.
He was a loving and devoted husband, a wonderful dad, and an amazing gramp and great gramp.
Gone are the days you were always there, quietly thinking of you, a much loved gramp and dad, from Mark, June and Walter'.
A GIFT of pounds 20 comes "in memory of Bert Johnson, a dear dad and gramp.
In 1846, Johann Gramp, Jacob's Creek's founder, chose Riesling as the first vines to plant along the banks of Jacob's Creek.
A further pounds 20 comes "remembering our dear dad and gramp on his birthday, October 20.
While trying to figure a way to get the two back together, Eddie goes on a fishing trip with Gramp and a country club luncheon and movie with Gram.