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an antique record player

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Q My family own an HMV model number 29, which is a horn type wind-up gramophone.
The motor's quality was quickly recognised and soon many of the major gramophone companies were beating a path to its door.
Many patients could sing or recite, or do something on the piano, but the great standby was the gramophone in season and out of season.
Tilly Shaw and Joe Millican of Vintage music Gramophone DJs at |the Chic Vintique Fair in Stockton 101015VINTAGE KATIE LUNN
You can relive this experience by walking into the New Gramophone House near Old Delhi's Lajpat Rai market.
This meant a larger cabinet was needed to accommodate it and it was then that gramophones developed as pieces of furniture.
The sound quality of the recording of his aforementioned performance at the Ballhaus isn't great yet it serves as a representative example of Czech "post-revolution" broken music, which in addition to gramophones and dense keyboard drones includes Knizak and other compositions played from cassettes and CDs.
PHONOGRAPHS AND GRAMOPHONES brought with them remarkable changes.
It includes musical boxes, symphonions which played seven-and-a-half inch discs, organettes, phonographs, gramophones, an art deco combined wireless and gramophone, a pigmyphone for children, a doll's house record of less than two inches in diameter which plays God Save the King, and postcards and stamps of gramophones and music halls.
ENTHUSIAST The late Phil Bailey HIGH NOTE Gramophones for sale at Anderson & Garland.
They all rotated clockwise, which made me entertain the reassuring possibility that the makers of microwave ovens were trying to undo all the clockwise environmental damage wrought by the gramophones.
GRAMOPHONES, 1940s tradesmen's bikes and wartime rations have been helping take pupils at a Coventry school back in time.
Naomi Kashiwagi is performing at the superclub's Bank Holiday festival next Saturday armed, not with the usual turntables, but two wind-up gramophones, vintage 78rpm vinyl, and classic swing tunes.
In his debut, Thomas, who hit the big time with matchbox twenty and picked up a trio of golden gramophones for the Santana collaboration ``Smooth,'' wisely steers clear of the matchbox formula and instead parks in Justin Timberlake dance-pop territory - with good results.