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an antique record player

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And, yes, it's not a coincidence that the trophy is a gramophone.
With his own phonograph and gramophone, he can demonstrate how early recordings were made.
He wrote more than 2000 songs for films and the Gramophone Recording Company in his lifetime.
At the awards ceremony in London, James Jolly, Gramophone editor in chief, said: "Vasily Petrenko is making waves, and we're happy to endorse this impressive lead, from over 8,000 votes cast, for an artist who has clearly made the step up to a new level of musicianship and has the ability to take audiences with him on his musical journey.
When we noticed his gramophone, we asked him if it still worked.
Q My family own an HMV model number 29, which is a horn type wind-up gramophone.
The motor's quality was quickly recognised and soon many of the major gramophone companies were beating a path to its door.
It acquired at auction many of the contents of the former Bede Gallery in Jarrow, including an image of a cat curled up in the horn of an old fashioned gramophone in a back lane.
What was the name of the iconic dog on the HMV gramophone logo?
Shoppers were entertained by Gramophone DJs with their vintage gramophones and anyone feeling peckish was able to try a range of delicious sweet and savoury treats available at Alice's Kitchen.
You can relive this experience by walking into the New Gramophone House near Old Delhi's Lajpat Rai market.
The gramophone was invented in 1888 by Emile Berliner, a German American, and first appeared on the market as a toy.
Even though Knizak was not the first to use a gramophone as a musical instrument--in some of his compositions, John Cage requires playing test pressings with pre-recorded frequencies; Pierre Schaeffer, in the initial phases of discovering musique concrete, instead of recording sounds on magnetic tapes etched closed grooves on to gramophone records--he can be deemed the father of turntablism, a "different" way of phonograph playing.
CLASSICAL trumpeter Alison Balsom has been named artist of the year at this year's Gramophone Classical Music Awards - becoming the first British woman to win the prize.
Just as radio later encouraged solitary listening, the gramophone, too, encouraged the habit of savouring music alone.