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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

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The drug squad stopped him while driving in Limassol and found 16 cardboard packs and 16 pills, 31 grammes of cannabis, 13 grammes of cannabis resin and a precision scales.
We are offering this proA[degrees] gramme in cooperation with two of the most renowned uniA[degrees] versities in the world.
On August 2, staff at the Mount Pleasant sorting office in London examined a package destined for Harrison's address and discovered six grammes of pink powder in five separate plastic bags.
Police found another gramme of cannabis in the car that the girl admitted was theirs and she confessed to having used the drug with the suspect before they were stopped.
In the car police found just over 30 grammes of cocaine with a street value of PS1,500 and another batch of 26 grammes worth around PS1,350.
50 per gramme in the morning and eased to Dh225 per gramme in the evening at 1930pm (local time), according to the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.
oWe reckon it will touch Dh200 a gramme by mid-2011 (from the current Dh130 plus range),o said Tomy Joseph, general manager for marketing and business development, Joyalukkas.
25 for a box which weighed a substantial 300g on my in-car scales they are, gramme for gramme, much pricier than your average chippy.
25 per gramme in the morning while it return to Dh225 per gramme in the evening at 1930pm (local time), according to the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.
Meanwhile, a trainee plumber was fined pounds 150 by Cardiff magistrates after he admitted possessing less than half a gramme of cocaine.
They also found more than a gramme of crack cocaine in a film container inside a pair of jeans in the bedroom.
The reduced salt content of M&S bread would help cut a person's daily intake by as much as half a gramme.
One Carb Ketchup contains one gramme of carbohydrate per tablespoon, compared to four grammes in most traditional brands.
Police initially found a bag containing 11 grammes of cannabis while a subsequent search of the house came up with 23 grammes of cocaine, a gramme of cannabis, and e1/4740 in cash.
A search of the man's home uncovered another half gramme.