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a metric unit of weight equal to one thousandth of a kilogram

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A wholemilk latte could notch up 265 calories and almost 14 grammes of fat and a croissant adds 400 calories and 20 grammes of fat.
It is a step back compared to the black and white targets in a communication the Commission adopted in February 2007 on the strategy for reducing CO2 emmissions for vehicles(1), in which the limit was fixed at 175 grammes in 2012 with an intermediary target of 160 grammes in 2015.
For example, for the first tranche, the RBI has announced the gold bond rate for 1 gramme at ` 2,684, and within a week's time, the price has dropped to ` 2,588 per gramme.
From 1 July 2013, new light commercial vehicles - vans and small trucks - registered in the EU will be limited to emissions of 175 grammes of CO2/kilometre.
One person had messaged him asking if he could have a gramme of cocaine for PS40 and was told by Ryan it would cost PS45.
199,25 l'once d'or fin ou 38,56 USD le gramme d'or fin, le 31 decembre 2014 ).
Police have also apprehended 12 drug peddlers while recovered 139 litre liquor, 750 gramme hashish, 254 gramme heroin one pistol and three bullets from their possession, police added.
Selon les etudes, un tonne de charbon, dont le prix varie entre 3000 et 5000 dollars, produit une energie equivalente a 14 000 unites d'energie-par gramme contre 10 500 unites-grammes pour le mazout et 10 040 unites-grammes pour le gaz naturel.
50 per gramme in the morning and eased to Dh225 per gramme in the evening at 1930pm (local time), according to the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.
The drug, she said, is valued at pounds 160 per gramme on the street.
Police have also apprehended 10 drug peddlers and five illegal weapon holders while recovered 29 litre liquor, 740 gramme Hashish, 1100 gramme opium, four pistols, one gun and 16 bullets from their possession.
201,5 USD l'once d'or fin ou 38,63 USD le gramme d'or fin, le 31 decembre 2013).
Eligible students from the Department of Electronics and Communication can also avail the dual degree proA[degrees] gramme with the University of Leeds, England.
On August 30 said Mr Coutts, Thomas, and another man, was again stopped by police near Wrexham and found to have PS450 worth of cocaine and a one gramme packet of cocaine worth PS50.
25 per gramme in the morning while it return to Dh225 per gramme in the evening at 1930pm (local time), according to the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group.