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a linguistic rule for the syntax of grammatical utterances

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The course is designed in the way that a student can learn how to understand Quran directly through grammatical rules and reading comprehension.
All are designed to be both entertaining and educational, with easy-to-understand explanations of how these grammatical rules apply in the real world.
Today's methodology tells us that teaching grammar is not only about referring learners to reference materials or about explicit teaching of grammatical rules.
He didn't follow any of the grammatical rules and structure of the language.
Surely, worse than worst defies not only grammatical rules but human logic.
She says it has unique grammatical rules and is the mother tongue of about 350 people, all under 35.
With no grammatical rules to guide the viewer's cognitive path, photography and all visual arts can, and should, continually offer new ways of seeing.
Iceland has very strict laws regarding names 6 proposed names at birth must abide by Icelandic pronunciation and grammatical rules.
The former tried to lay down grammatical rules to which usage must conform; the latter focused on usage and custom.
The course aimed at presenting a scientific content based on the use of sound Arabic Language and enabling the participants to familiarize with the speech and writing skills according to the grammatical rules, as well as acquainting them with the linguistic formation of letters, memos and administrative reports.
The proposed extension allows the developers to write grammatical rules that rely on natural language parser-supplied dependency trees.
The first question seeks to clarify whether prescriptive, grammatical rules had some sway over writers' choices.
London, June 27 (ANI): A new study has shown that birds too have their own set of grammatical rules, a feature previously thought to be specific to humans only.
However, that is not to say that grammar is neglected; rather, the Centro Studi Cassia Group weaves these two aspects together seamlessly throughout the text, creating an environment in which grammatical rules are contextualized within their appropriate cultural milieu (including but not limited to literature, advertising, comic strips and contemporary articles), thus creating an unconscious language learning experience.
Many students do not apply the grammatical rules when they speak, because they can communicate even though they make plenty of grammatical mistakes.