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a linguistic rule for the syntax of grammatical utterances

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For masculine and feminine forms that differ substantially in their representation, the application of the grammatical rule of proximity is suggested which states that the adjective should agree in gender with the nearest noun.
The notion that a grammatical rule is violated by ending a sentence with a preposition is easily disproved.
Larsen-Freeman and Anderson, (2011) illustrates pitfalls of grammar translation method that it focuses on cramming grammatical rules, students are only taught lexical meanings and it does not focus on listening and speaking skills.
In addition, Basra has a language and fiction heritage and it is one of the two most famous schools of Arabic language (where grammatical rules were increasingly developed in the late 8thCentury): Basra and Kufa.
Profanity often plays by its own grammatical rules, the author explains.
For most of us, the letters and numbers appear jumbled or coded, but Roman inscribers actually adhered to standardized abbreviations and grammatical rules easily understood by illiterate and scholarly Romans alike.
Other scholars have also said that the handwriting in the manuscript was not from that age, and that the writing style and grammatical rules were inconsistent with the year it is dated back to.
That is exactly Locher's purpose: to inspire reflections, questions, ideas through the interplay of formal and semantic elements and of aesthetic and grammatical rules while acknowledging the disenchantment concerning the impotence of communication.
It's an adjustment for everyone, and for the family and friends of trans individuals, the adjustment to new grammatical rules parallels their adjustment to their loved ones' transitions.
It is noted that predatory journals do not even comply with Basic English grammatical rules in their websites or e-mails, which should be an ominous sign for authors.
Initiation can change the meaning of the word, not just from grammatical rules in language.
The authors have organized the main body of their text in six modules, each devoted to the illustration of various parts of speech, grammatical rules, and the vocabulary of the Indonesian language.
The Kuwaiti dialect, though mainly Arabic language based, took liberty in applying its special own grammatical rules, said the researcher.
In addition to learning a new language from English, students can also learn English from their native language with a choice of 17 ESL interface languages, facilitating understanding of the grammatical rules and cultural descriptions.
The Great Grammar Book is a top recommendation over other grammar books for several reasons: its format is nicely arranged and logical, grammatical rules are reinforced by over 2,000 sentences in over a hundred practice sessions, and the entire layout and presentation are designed to be entertaining as well as education--which means that information is more likely to be retained.