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In the "Source/Goal-Theme strategy", the grammatical relation of the Theme in the three-place predicate (60), is different from the one of the Theme of a transitive verb (59):
The selection of grammatical relations to include in our schema was motivated by practical rather than theoretical concerns.
The feature decompositions for each grammatical relation is listed in (30).
1), for instance, uses such questions as (2i-j) as a test specifically for "patients", which he regards as an independent relational property additional to the semantic relation, or 0-role, borne by an argument; for that very reason patienthood is not to be associated with any one particular syntactic position or grammatical relation.
Such selectional relations determine grammatical relations .
Toqabaqita (an Oceanic language) has two types of valency-rearrangement whereby the grammatical relations of two object noun phrases are interchanged.
Given this general outline of Nuosu syntax, one may define (partially) the grammatical relations us follows.
This section proposes that in Ostyak the topic status (in the sense of the primary topic) is systematically associated with the grammatical relation of subject.
Grammatical relations are encoded in terms of morphological case marking and, therefore, are essentially language-specific.
Following chiefly Jackendoff's ideas expressed in The architecture of the language faculty (1997) -- yet with due respect for other linguistic and psycholinguistic orientations -- I will discuss grammatical relations which involve word order, thematic roles and word-formation (compounding) and which by structural standards prove so intractable.
Through years of field study she has created a comprehensive grammar that includes prosody, nouns and noun morphology, personal pronouns, interrogatives, indefinites, demonstratives, verb and verb morphology, adjectivals, quantifiers, adverbials, particles, noun-phrase structure, clause types, grammatical relations, constituent order, time and aspect, complementation, and structuring of sentences.
The essays deal with a wide range of issues concerning voice and/or grammatical relations and cover diverse languages from nearly every continent of the globe.
He explains the basic concepts, then covers morphological processes and conceptual categories, morphophonemics, word classes, subclasses, constituent structure, language typology, grammatical relations, voice and valence, and multi-clause constructions.
1982 The mental representation of grammatical relations.
Then she considers such topics as grammatical relations, linking theories, the ergative dragon, and the semantics of case.