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the meaning of a word that depends on its role in a sentence

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An example of a case in which grammatical meaning has been attributed to complex constructions is the case of periphrasis (Ackermann and Webelhuth 1998, Booij (ms.
a verb-complement pattern that has acquired a grammatical meaning will start to combine with a larger number of verb classes), they can reduce in the course of progressive conventionalization (whether this process affects a particular lexical element that is part of the construction, or occurs on a more abstract level, e.
What makes it possible for them to be referred to as genuine morphemes is the grammatical meaning they convey.
which serves as the basis for grammatical meaning in human languages.
If affixes expressing more "relevant" grammatical meanings have more of an effect on stem shape than those expressing less relevant meanings, it follows that the degree of change in stem shape across the various dimensions of a paradigm will diagram the degree of semantic distance between forms.
I started working on the narrative developments of simple everyday metaphors that were associated with grammatical meanings.
Among all approaches researched so far in academia the SiMAX technology is closest to market and the only one reaching a feasible quality of facial expressions and emotions essential for understanding due to their grammatical meanings in sign language.
Chapter one traces the varying grammatical meanings of the words "person" and "personality," and makes a strong case for the integral role that history and culture play in these considerations.
When comparing grammaticalization processes and their results in Estonian and Finnish, Helle Metslang has shown that Estonian reveals a much higher degree of lexicality than Finnish, which has more synthetic and analytic grammatical devices and grammatical meanings.
Many grammatical rules concern word order because our language communicates most of its grammatical meanings by the order of words, but endings may also play a part, as in the sentence "I enjoy cook shrimp.
of Dusseldorf) demonstrate that, contrary to prevailing opinions, the transfer of grammatical meanings and structures across languages is regular, and that it is shaped by universal processes of grammatical change.
Wiedemann simply admitted that in more recent North Estonian the relevant grammatical meanings are expressed by means of the verb pidama 'must' or the indicative.
As most linguists will agree, case is a bit like grammar's Swiss army knife in that it can be used for expressing a plethora of grammatical meanings such as event structure (i.