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of or pertaining to grammar


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As noted, Finnish is an agglutinative language with complex words in which morphemes are strung together, each with a single grammatic or semantic meaning.
Subsequently, studies on teaching grammatic morphemes as well as syntactic structures began to appear in SLP journals (see Bricker, 1993 and Hegde, 1998 for historical reviews of treatment research on teaching grammatical elements to children with language disorders).
In idiosyncrasy--omission, truncation, disjunction, opacity, illogic, semantic and syntactic and grammatic and prosodic and punctuational oddness and ambiguity--hers was the hummingbird's Route of Evanescence.
Was die Grammatic seye/ undt wie viele Theyle oder Stucke sie habe.
The house was once home to Henry Salesbury, whose Grammatic a Britannica, published in 1593, some scholars believe marked the emergence of modern Welsh.
In some poems you find sentences contrary to the grammatic roles.
On the rim there are oval panels depicting the Seven Liberal Arts and their patron Minerva: GRAMMATIC (Grammar), DIALECTICA (dialect), RHETORICA (rhetoric), MUSICA (music), ARITHMETIQUA (Arithmetic), GEOMETRIA (Geometry) and ASTROLOGIA (Astrology).
32) In the tale of Myrrha (the father-daughter incest tale mentioned above), the transgression of the incest taboo is accompanied by a series of puns, double entendres, and textual and linguistic cruces, suggesting the notion that erotic relationships are governed by semantic and grammatic constraints.
We found neither program help nor the manual to be particularly enlightening or grammatic.
We believe that Baseball's command to "hunt for more strikes" stemmed more from grammatic inefficiency than arrogance.
Grammatic understanding (GU) assesses the ability to comprehend sentences having differing syntactic structures.
Moreover, similaic catachresis as represented by these two early modern rhetoricians is defined as an "abuse" of that synecdochic signifier for female sexuality--its non-sanctioned "use" or participation in sexual intercourse that involves a woman's transgression of the boundaries of the patriarchal household, and thus the very disregard for economic, erotic and grammatic "proper(ty)" that Irigaray identifies as a characteristic of proxematic parler femme (This Sex 79).
Gram Refrigeration's control is known as the GramMatic 2502.
Use of pronouns, proper nouns, prepositions Basic grammatic mastery
Picture Vocabulary, Oral Vocabulary, Grammatic Completion, Word Discrimination, and Word Articulation were administered from 40-60 minutes.