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of or pertaining to grammar


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Subsequently, studies on teaching grammatic morphemes as well as syntactic structures began to appear in SLP journals (see Bricker, 1993 and Hegde, 1998 for historical reviews of treatment research on teaching grammatical elements to children with language disorders).
Gram Refrigeration's control is known as the GramMatic 2502.
Inspired by nation-language, Brathwaite increasingly takes grammatic and syntactic liberties with English, as when in Sun Poem he writes of the fishermen "walking out of the night down the street ahead of the sun and under the leaves of the sea-grape and cordia trees whose flowers were fast fading stars in the touching them softly light" (S, 25).
Velleco) Goddard of Worcester; a sister, June Grammatic of Auburn; three grandchildren, Katherine, Andrea and Bryanna; many nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins.
2003) Test of Language Picture Vocabulary Development--Primary Relational Vocabulary (TOLD-P:3) Oral Vocabulary Newcomer & Hamill Grammatic Understanding (1988) Sentence Imitation Grammatic Completion Word Discrimination Phonemic Analysis Word Articulation Implied function of test items (a) Verbal Test and author(s) Sub-test name or description Echoic Clinical Evaluation of Concepts & Following Language Fundamentals Directions Ages 5-8 (CELF-4) Word Structure Semel et al.
Landmark Trust spokeswoman Katherine Oakes said it was in the house physician and humanist scholar Henry Salesbury wrote the first Welsh grammar book, the Grammatic a Britannica in 1593.
But more than that, it is a change that foretells the repetition ("hand" and "wrist," "ache" and "burn") which, along with grammatic and syntactic pauses, ultimately becomes the closure's distinguishing characteristic.
The approach to articulation is subtly paced, integrating considerations of touch and fingering with issues such as transparency of texture, accentuation, and verbal stresses, and proceeding to the concept of grammatic, agogic, and rhetorical accents.
Given the human ability to reframe events, a bilingual child may able to re-arrange grammatic al network when she switches from one language to another.
In fact, Henry holds the earl in such high regard that when his book of Welsh grammar is published in 1593, titled Grammatic a Britannica, he dedicates it to him.
1968), in which Sandy had previously scored 1 or more standard deviations below the mean, were readministered (Auditory Association, Auditory Memory, and Grammatic Closure).
Therefore, in a causal analysis of meaning, grammatic distinctions or knowledge of word meanings are both unimportant and misleading.
Leicester: Lucia DiMucci, Mindy Dulude, Christopher Dumas, Bryan Gay, Marlise Grammatic, Kristal Hertz, Evan LaBrie, Rachel Lyon, Alexander Rowe, Erin Waterman
Prince; her son, Earl Prince and daughter, Carol Grammatic.