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pasture grass of plains of South America and western North America

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White Gramma holds her hand close to her face to drag deeply, and coughs.
Black Gramma rests her fingertips on her chest and throws her head back to laugh.
White Gramma brings her balled-up hand to her face as she laughs.
Black Gramma sits on a chair and strokes her granddaughter's hair.
Black Gramma indicates the space where a crowd of spirits has gathered behind White Gramma.
Maizey turns to White Gramma, taking in the spirit crowd and nodding hello.
Maizey speaks to Black Gramma but continues to eye the crowd of white spirits.
Black Gramma gestures to the downstage area, where many smaller spirits are crowded.
By now White Gramma is also holding a baby spirit in her arms.
Black Gramma goes silent when she notices that White Gramma has picked up the tune and is humming it to the baby spirit that she is holding.
Black Gramma places the baby spirit she has been holding back on the ground.
White Gramma holds the baby spirit out towards Maizey.
White Gramma admires her grand-daughter and great grand-daughter.
Maizey is still looking at the baby spirit that she holds as she speaks to Black Gramma, and does not see Joe approach and stop near her.
Maizey continues to speak to Black Gramma but stares at Joe.