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He remembered his wrestle with the grammar, and dictated.
Why, uncle, we did study English grammar, and I could parse beautifully.
Now, see here, Rosy, I don't pretend to set myself up for a model in anything, and you may come down on my grammar, manners or morals as often as you think I'm wrong, and I'll thank you.
Your grammar is - " She had intended saying "awful," but she amended it to "is not particularly good.
When she returned with the grammar, she drew a chair near his - he wondered if he should have helped her with the chair - and sat down beside him.
It was on this ground that he was severe with Tom about his lessons; he was clearly a boy whose powers would never be developed through the medium of the Latin grammar, without the application of some sternness.
He was to do this without the help of any written or printed specimens, with nothing in the shape of a grammar or analysis, but merely by oral communication with his Indian instructor, or with other natives, who, however comparatively intelligent, must from the nature of the case have been very imperfect teachers.
She read with Dick Carter and Living Perkins, who were fitting for the academy; recited arithmetic with lisping little Thuthan Thimpthon; geography with Emma Jane Perkins, and grammar after school hours to Miss Dearborn alone.
It is a question, not of grammar, but of ethics," I answered.
How do you think you would write or speak about anything more difficult, if you knew no more of grammar than he does?
I dallied with little home clubs wherein we discussed poetry and art and the nuances of grammar.
Partridge was now highly comforted, as his fears of having offended were at once abolished, and his pride completely satisfied by Jones having owned himself in the wrong, which submission he instantly applied to what had principally nettled him, and repeated in a muttering voice, "To be sure, sir, your knowledge may be superior to mine in some things; but as to the grammar, I think I may challenge any man living.
Why do you not rather teach history, geography, grammar, even arithmetic?
I shall not copy the uncouth language, full of needless repetitions (and, if I know anything of the subject, not guiltless of bad grammar as well), in which my innocent husband was solemnly and falsely accused of poisoning his first wife.
I shall always study my grammar lesson," I wrote--I, who loathed grammar with a deadly loathing.