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pasture grass of plains of South America and western North America

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Gramma Susie began the performance/game by taking note of her surroundings, facing off with a display of Elks at the end of the hall: one massive stuffed animal head amidst framed photographic images of past presidents of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of Whitehorse, all white and all but one male, not surprising given that the first women were admitted only in the 1990s and the all-white clause of the Order of Elks' constitution was revoked only in 1976, with the proviso that it could be reinstated if the law allowed.
For lunch, she asks her Gramma for a garden-fresh meal.
Gramma left before the sun was down and then Aunt Cece left too.
Months later, I'm sitting on the sofa with Gramma Lou, reading a comic book, and the doorbell rings.
My Gramma and Nan had started the fire, attached a clothesline to the ceiling in a semi-circle in front of it, and hung blankets from the clothesline to the floor.
says Gramma, even though she just frosted "11" on top
Oreck recently lent his muscle to a fundraiser organized by the popular Finnish social media movement 875 Gramma.
I come from a long line of chiefs of historical importance; however, I admire two people the most: My gramma Bertha Sayers and my gramma Rose Nolan.
White Gramma represents earth, and downward direction.
This evening and tomorrow evening will witness a concert entitled 'Gardens of Writing', performed by the Chamber Opera GRAMMA and composed and conducted by Jose MarE[degrees]a SEinches-VerdE[bar].
monade svolgente boccio di rosa che sboccia a gramma a sgrana
For Gramma, as the woman is named, seems to know an awful lot about this castle: its history, the people and the secret passages that spread through the place like veins.
This month, BLACK ENTERPRISE, which Gramma and I started when your fathers were younger than you are now, marks its 40th year of publication, just as I reach my 75th birthday.
Attractive paint and stainless steel equipment make this a bright, sunny destination for delicious flavored rice pudding like Gramma used to make.