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Species of cover crops are intercropped, especially between the rows in the vineyards, and if they are leguminous or gramineous plants, they may biologically fix atmospheric N and promote cycling of this and other nutrients.
However, when sufficient amounts of soluble Si are available in the solution surrounding the roots, cucumber plants are capable of absorbing large amounts of Si, and the Si content in the leaves can reach values as high as those in gramineous plants [23].
In forests of Germany and the Czech Republic that have been severely damaged by anthropogenic pollution, an invasion of nitrophilous and gramineous plants (Schmidt 1993; Bobbink et al.
Gramineous plants can release phytosiderophores to increase [Fe.
Woody or gramineous plants usually occur within their microhabitats.
2004) made phylogenetic analysis on the all known SPS sequences based on strict criteria and revealed that 3 sps gene families (namely A-, B- and C- family) that existed in both dicotyledonous and monocotyledons plants, yet 1 special family (D-family) was only found in gramineous plants.
Migineic acid-iron (III) complex and its structurally analogous cobalt (III) complexes: Characterization and implication for absorption and transport of iron in gramineous plants.