graminaceous plant

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Infection and colonization of sugarcane and other graminaceous plants by endophytic diazotrophs.
Detailed studies have been carried out on the food preferences of locusts in Africa, and in the summer breeding areas south of the Sahara and these studies have found that while some eat graminaceous plants, others eat and other types of plant [2,4,1,5,9].
rusticus females lay multiple eggs inside the stems of graminaceous plants (Musso 1981).
Physiological aspect of mugineic acid, a possible phytosiderophore of graminaceous plants.
These results showed that graminaceous plants are potentially capable of establishing an association with diazotrophic bacteria in which the ammonium-excreting bacteria provide the host plants with a source of nitrogen.
Cross-linking of cell wall phenolic arabinoxylans in graminaceous plants.