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Synonyms for grainy

consisting of or covered with large particles

Synonyms for grainy

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

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Nose: Pronounced alcohol; black peppercorns, green bell pepper; asparagus, orange zest, slight grainy sweetness.
Now they're in their 20s, Veronica Falls can hark back ruefully on Teenage - the single that that gratifyingly grainy 8mm video promotes - and look forward to more mundane rites of passage in the world-weary So Tired and Everybody's Changing.
It's a clear, slightly grainy gel which binds itself to toxins, bacteria, dead skin cells and excess sebum, which can then be washed off.
A final grainy CCTV image of Robert, who was 35, has shown him walking through Kirkliston, West Lothian, in the early hours with a man.
Described as 'The grainy blackand-white wartime photographs'', one was taken in 1933 and the other in 1954.
Malcolm X, for example, often had to juxtapose the grainy black-and-white TV images of "the angry Negro" with the intellectual writer, organizer and searing humorist he knew himself to be.
Very grainy, crystally grainy flavor, with sweet applesauce," said Phil Simpson, "and a little note of pepper.
The greens were pretty grainy and I just had a hard time getting a feel for it.
Second, my suspicions that we five in a police-state verite were more than confirmed with each grainy videotape of the top of someone's bead at the newsstand, or of a stalled, blurred figure running out of view, caught on a parking-lot surveillance camera.
You can usually tell an igneous rock by its speckled appearance and grainy texture without either stripes or bands.
Forget slick, this propulsive animation places the glory of the grainy, crackly, hissing material medium of film at the centre of its aesthetic universe.
If a critical number of photon circuits arises in a patch of grainy film, it emits laser light.
Digital files are best as they're not as grainy as scans, but some webmasters will scan books.
Sadly the quality of illustrations is equally varied and several are frustratingly small and too grainy to read easily.