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the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

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Sensory graininess was highly correlated with particle size-related parameters.
The graininess functions [mu] : T [right arrow] [0, [infinity]) and V : T [right arrow] [0, [infinity]) are defined by [mu](t) = [sigma](t) - t and v(t) = t - [rho](t), respectively.
The oak choice was made quite quickly -- we looked at a range of floors, but we have done a number of projects with white oak, and in this case we liked the product because of its matt and dull finish -- the graininess and rawness were also what we wanted to showcase.
An analysis of data on 107 patients undergoing heart scans found that radiation exposure was reduced by as much as 95 percent compared to the range of current machines, while the resulting images showed less blurriness, reduced graininess, and greater visibility of fine details.
Running a photograph through an Instagram filter often results in graininess, as it often removes some data from the image in order to give a blurred look, uses a "sharpen" tool that downgrades the image quality, or otherwise changes it in a way that leaves it less crisp than the original.
In the quilts, the monotone colour and the graininess of the images from the silk screen process depersonalise the images so that the viewer looks at each image as a universal symbol instead of a particular object, person or thing.
The handset's maximum sensitivity equivalent of ISO 12800 enables bright photographs to be captured even at night, when indoors, or in other low-level light, while reducing subject blurring and graininess.
PromOat enables them to extend the health benefits of oats across a very broad spectrum of food and drink products without having to worry about masking the oat taste or graininess.
The graininess [mu] of the time scale is defined by [mu](t) := [sigma](t) - t.
Indeed, graininess did increase as last night the sky became very black.
Towards the middle of the fruit, eshta is creamier in texture and at the rind it is similar to a soft pear with some graininess.
They're photographic, but they have this weird, very consciously integrated graininess to them.
The graininess of the image is reduced, small defects are washed out, and the sharp faint features are enhanced.
The graininess function [mu] : T [right arrow[ [0, [infinity]) is defined by [mu](t) = [sigma] (t) - t.
The forward graininess [mu] : T [right arrow] R is defined by [mu](t) = [sigma](t) - t, and the backward graininess v : T [right arrow] R is defined by v(t) = t - [rho](t).