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Synonyms for graininess

the quality of being composed of relatively large particles

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The mapping [mu] : T [right arrow] [0, [infinity]) defined by [mu](t) := [sigma](t) - t is called the graininess of T.
Has the structure-building properties of white rice flour, plus a slight graininess and toasty caramel flavor.
Has a good graininess, the balance impresses me more than anything else.
They focused on the graininess, viscosity and creaminess of the product.
But some pixels are larger than others, holding more information and producing less graininess and image doubling.
Matthew Jensen's bright, restless lensing opts only for exaggerated graininess during a grimy lads' weekend in Hamburg; Clint Mansell's typically ambient scoring often cedes the spotlight to knowingly tacky pop selections.
Audacious, complex, and unflinching, Kushner's "prose has a poise and wariness and moral graininess that puts you in mind of weary-souled visionaries like Robert Stone and Joan Didion" (New York Times).
The meringue will finally get a sharp pointed stiff peak, when it holds its shape on the spoon and is glossy in appearance with no graininess.
The software smart-lab analyzes all data measured with the BYK-mac, including six-angle color, sparkle, and graininess.
The oak choice was made quite quickly -- we looked at a range of floors, but we have done a number of projects with white oak, and in this case we liked the product because of its matt and dull finish -- the graininess and rawness were also what we wanted to showcase.
An analysis of data on 107 patients undergoing heart scans found that radiation exposure was reduced by as much as 95 percent compared to the range of current machines, while the resulting images showed less blurriness, reduced graininess, and greater visibility of fine details.
The collaboration resulted in a portable device that does multi-angle color and texture characterization, color measurement, and evaluation of visual sparkle and graininess.
Running a photograph through an Instagram filter often results in graininess, as it often removes some data from the image in order to give a blurred look, uses a "sharpen" tool that downgrades the image quality, or otherwise changes it in a way that leaves it less crisp than the original.
Although there are examples of the shortcomings of the technology--limited in terms of expanding the image, graininess, limitations in focus/depth of field, etc--the images collected here are compelling examples of random photos, some caught in the right place at the right time, some the detritus, some clearly plotted.
PromOat enables them to extend the health benefits of oats across a very broad spectrum of food and drink products without having to worry about masking the oat taste or graininess.