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Synonyms for grainy

consisting of or covered with large particles

Synonyms for grainy

composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency

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LIFE THROUGH A SCREEN: Why would you want to watch a smaller, grainier version of what's happening instead of experiencing the event fully?
Expect to fork out similar for the grainier Paulaners and ever-popular, clean taste of Bitburger.
Instead, it'll offer an online glimpse of the show at a super-secret Web site that offers far grainier, crummier images than most online screening experiences.
10 W HEN buying bread, remember the darker and grainier it is the lower the GL and the better it is for you.
The quick-set process often produces cottage cheese with a grainier texture and less natural flavor," Baker said.
Silsesquioxanes serve a similar purpose, with the MQ structure providing a grainier feel and the T structure a softer one.
Generally, play sand is grainier because it has been washed and screened, so the really fine dust is washed away.
Larger pumpkins can be used, but they tend to have a grainier texture and less-pleasant flavor.
The second begins the same way but then cuts to an even grainier shot moving through the hallways inside the house, a shot that we had previously scene as Fred's point of view in a dream in which he was looking for Renee.
Arrowroot tends to add a grainier texture than tapioca flour.
We tell them the quality of the meat is very good, it's a grainier texture and more like game.
Walid Sfeir, the company's Middle East representative, said that for 2005 it was offering clients more natural fibers and grainier fabrics.
The bathroom in the master bedroom suite has a floor of limestone, a porous rock common in northern New Jersey, that gives the floor a grainier feel.
Morris is the pre-eminent Wotan of his generation, and it must be said that the voice--large as always--is of a grainier sound than it was five years ago, but thankfully Sachs does not require golden vocalism so much as a projection of humanity, understanding, and an encompassing wisdom that finally ennobles the work.