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Synonyms for grainfield

a field where grain is grown

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During our initial search for WIHA property in southwest Kansas a few years ago, my friends and I fully expected to find a vast array of grainfields brimming with pheasants.
Both feed on grain and are easy to spot, during migration, in grainfields in and near the refuges listed at right; bring binoculars.
Bill ambushed the pigs as they returned to cover after feeding in a grainfield.
No bowhunter should have to follow a Frank Noska resume, but Matt Palmquist, of Grainfield, Kansas, is also a serious bowhunter whose byline has appeared in these pages.
Instead of shooting over a grainfield or watering area, we positioned ourselves around a small cluster of trees that the birds used for mid-morning loafing after feeding and watering.
The author is a welcome new addition to our list of masthead Contributors, He makes his home in Grainfield, Kansas.
The author, who has written several features for Bowhunter, lives in Grainfield, Kansas.
The author is a mule deer "nut" from Grainfield, Kansas.