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a merchant who deals in food grains

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As the company's financial troubles continued, Edward Leadley, Toronto grain merchant and company shareholder, lent it a large sum of money in exchange for a mortgage on the company's lands.
The consistent beneficiaries of Egypt's switch to livestock production have been large US grain merchants such as Cargill which have exported US grains at hugely subsidized prices to Egypt.
Hawkins says barley markets and the development of canola, a wildly successful oilseed, are just some of the achievements of private grain merchants.
May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- DTN, the leading business information services company focused on agricultural, energy, and weather business markets, today announced Heartland Co-op, an Iowa-based grain merchant, has begun using DTN MarketSpace(TM) -- an online grain merchandising platform and marketing solution designed to link producers and agribusinesses to more efficiently buy and sell grain.
His local grain merchant said: "We've lost our oldest customer.
I work as a grain merchant supplying mills in the UK and Europe with wheat and in the past seven weeks wheat prices have fallen 9%.
The grain merchant and cereal processing business is using the high performance machine to inspect up to 12 tonnes of grain per hour.
Warren, 31, who works for a grain merchant said: "We think there must have been a bit of confusion because Calum said we'd won the lottery.
Gentleman-farmer, grain merchant, tavern keeper, Mor Flesch's signature on a document was security enough for any transaction in the county.
The author's father eventually secures him a job in the office of a rich grain merchant, but the boy finds the menial tasks allocated to him - such as collecting magazines for the merchants' two daughters - dull and demeaning.
Donkin had been a friend of Armstrong's grain merchant father, William senior, who had moved his family to the upper Ouseburn Valley from Shieldfield .
He joined Cargill in 1971 working as a grain merchant and freight merchant in Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri.
A FORMER Barclays banker has been appointed as the regional farm business manager for farmer-owned grain merchant Openfield.
Alfred Toepfer, a grain merchant from Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany, to advance the cause of humanitarianism through the recognition of significant contributions to humanity and the environment by individuals and groups in the United States.
it Leonard, who went on to become a successful grain merchant, now lives in Great Chesterford, Essex, with second wife Dorothy, 83.