grain field

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a field where grain is grown

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This fellow consistently scored on humongous bucks that came out of the park to chase the large doe population that fed in the adjacent grain fields.
However, if I look past the large numbers of deer in the late-season grain fields and instead look on my wall, 1 am quickly reminded of what the most deadly time of year is for me.
Setting up on the lip of the grain field to wait for passing geese is now.
It dawdled too long in an open grain field and was more concerned with the hot doe it was following than retreating to the safety of the forest before legal hunting time arrived.
Q: I live in southeast Idaho where I hunt on a dry farm that consists of pockets of dense timber and brush surrounded by CRP fields and the occasional alfalfa or grain field.
Believe me, Vern, wool socks are a lot warmer when they're tucked inside some nice insulated mud boots--especially in a flooded grain field.
If it's the allure of a grain field you're looking for, then Roasted Corn Freaks from Evolved Habitats ($7.
We've driven out onto a brushy point next to a sprawling grain field and set up my spotting scope.
I'll set up six to eight decoys in a grain field near a stock tank.
Areas with pine forests adjacent to grain fields are quail magnets.
3 million hectares of farmland -- mostly grain fields but also some sugar beet and hop-growing areas -- were under water.
This caused the destruction of large grain fields in some major agricultural countries such as Australia, China, Argentina and India, which in turn affected the supply of food grains and a resultant spike in global prices.
The sugar plantations of Kenana, al-Jineid and Sennar, their recent ambitious follow-up in the White Nile State, the grain fields of Gedaref, and the chronically dysfunctional Gezira Scheme all depend on a nominally seasonal supply of labour drawn from migrant populations, predominantly from the Sudanese war zones.
As a major rail hub in the immense grain fields of the Midwest, available raw materials gave rise to Anheuser Busch and Purina Mills, who still call St.