grain field

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a field where grain is grown

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This fellow consistently scored on humongous bucks that came out of the park to chase the large doe population that fed in the adjacent grain fields.
Lundberg Family Farms, manufacturers of organic and specialty rices, enlisted the support of local schoolchildren to rescue duck eggs from a grain field prior to the arrival of farming equipment.
And when several woodchucks inhabit an alfalfa or grain field, they can cause considerable crop loss.
Flames had spread from an adjacent grain field, where the farmer was burning stubble (the remnants of last year's crop).
Setting up on the lip of the grain field to wait for passing geese is now.
It wasn't a far walk, and soon we were overlooking a large grain field.
So, the green is a killer source of good bucks during that time between the rut and the tenderness of the early green grain field.
First, with a horse-drawn binder (four horses), the crops were cut, grain stalks tied with twine into bundles by the binder and sheaves dropped in rows in the grain field.
Q: I live in southeast Idaho where I hunt on a dry farm that consists of pockets of dense timber and brush surrounded by CRP fields and the occasional alfalfa or grain field.
Believe me, Vern, wool socks are a lot warmer when they're tucked inside some nice insulated mud boots--especially in a flooded grain field.
It dawdled too long in an open grain field and was more concerned with the hot doe it was following than retreating to the safety of the forest before legal hunting time arrived.
The noisy threshing machine was powered by gasoline, but once I saw an old steam engine belching away in a grain field.