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Synonyms for elevator

Synonyms for elevator

lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from one floor to another in a building

the airfoil on the tailplane of an aircraft that makes it ascend or descend

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The constantly evolving illumination on the historic grain elevator celebrates Buffalo's industrial heritage and is a truly fitting tribute to the 'City of Light,'" said Governor Cuomo.
Bob and Janet Nelson, owners of the Ross elevator which was built by Civil War Veteran Charles Stuart, received a $25,000 matching grant from the Iowa Barn Foundation and have been raising funds to help restore the 130-year-old grain elevator.
We toured four Alliance Nutrition plants (ANI is a subsidiary of ADM) and a grain elevator.
The technology agreement authorizes the farmers' sales to the grain elevators and authorizes the grain dealers' resale to farmers, but the typical use is as feed for animals.
In October 2005, Iowa grain elevators were paying $1.
We first see him rescuing a civilian from a burning grain elevator, inside which he is soon trapped after falling several floors.
That probably was related to a mycotoxin produced by the mold Fusarium, but the levels of Fusarium in a grain elevator are staggeringly high," he said.
That's how ARS researchers in Manhattan, Kansas, feel about the relationships they've built with grain elevator managers during a 4-year areawide integrated pest management (IPM) project, which began in 1997, in Kansas and Oklahoma.
GREAT PLAINS president Doug Burgum on the management ideals he learned from working in his company's family-owned grain elevator business: "When you've got a grain elevator, the people you serve are landowners, and they move the ownership of that land from father to son.
The 600,000-bushel, slip-form concrete grain elevator will serve producers in north-central Montana.
is engaged in the business of exporting grains and oilseeds via its grain elevator operation located in The Port of Kalama, Washington.
The co-op is currently expanding its grain elevator at Osceola, and there are plans for further expansion and upgrades, including an agronomy expansion in North Bend and grain expansion in Silver Creek.
The GAC[R] 2500 is also equipped with a color display/touchscreen, improved operator interface, and multiple communication methodologies, all of which make it easier to use in a commercial grain elevator setting.
The site includes proprietary data from Cargill, such as its cash grain data and specialized weather information, as well as access to third party technology, including mapping features that can help farmers easily find the nearest grain elevator.
The Buffalo Lake plant will be collocated near a Cargill-owned grain elevator.