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She is understandably coy about revealing exactly what goes into her limoncello other than grain alcohol and the best quality lemons she can lay her hands on sourced through a couple of greengrocers in Morpeth.
Refineries initially were given a tax credit to produce the grain alcohol and Congress later required oil companies to blend it in their gasoline.
Place the herbs or fruit in a Mason jar and cover with grain alcohol.
2 1/2 teaspoons total of the following essential oils in equal parts or in any combination: basil, juniper, palmarosa, citronella, rose geranium, rosemary, myrrh, cedarwood, pine and lemon (1) cup 190-proof grain alcohol, available in liquor stores (1) Stir oils into grain alcohol.
Hand-crafted in small batches through a unique double infusion method, using only natural ingredients and premium grain alcohol.
For the liquor production, we used the tangerine spirit produced in the Laboratory of Vegetables of the Federal University of Goias (UFG) - Brazil, industrial spirits (DECAL distillery, Brazil) and grain alcohol hydrated (Celeste Farma, Brazil) refined sugar (Union, Brazil) and potable water.
Dukang Distillers has annual production capacity of 7,500 tons of grain alcohol and 90,000 tons of wine labeled as Dukang Baijiu, as well as an annual production capacity of 2,890 tons of grain alcohol and 39,790 tons of wine labeled as Siwu Baijiu.
JOEL BAKER & IAN SCALZO/Bourbon & Branch/San Francisco, California The Spanish Prisoner For the coffee tincture: 4 ounces coffee beans 1 cup high proof grain alcohol For the cocktail: 3 tablespoons Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey * 1 1/2.
Nice smooth and crisp, but with a grain alcohol burn.
Rats given two glasses of Italian white wine a day had less damage during a heart attack than those on water or grain alcohol.
A single note 100 per cent organic Eau de Parfum with Ylang Ylang essential oil and pure grain alcohol.
Environmentally friendly ingredients to look for include grain alcohol, coconut or other plant oils, rosemary and sage.
Zhurov (Alexei Poluyan) lives with his drunk-to-the-point-of-oblivion mother (Valentina Andryukova) and an isolated shack where Alexei (Alexei Serebryakov) and his wife Tonya (Natalya Akimova) sell grain alcohol.
In the 18th century, whiskey was not aged in barrels and therefore was served as a clear grain alcohol.