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She is understandably coy about revealing exactly what goes into her limoncello other than grain alcohol and the best quality lemons she can lay her hands on sourced through a couple of greengrocers in Morpeth.
Refineries initially were given a tax credit to produce the grain alcohol and Congress later required oil companies to blend it in their gasoline.
JOEL BAKER & IAN SCALZO/Bourbon & Branch/San Francisco, California The Spanish Prisoner For the coffee tincture: 4 ounces coffee beans 1 cup high proof grain alcohol For the cocktail: 3 tablespoons Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey * 1 1/2.
Nice smooth and crisp, but with a grain alcohol burn.
Rats given two glasses of Italian white wine a day had less damage during a heart attack than those on water or grain alcohol.
A single note 100 per cent organic Eau de Parfum with Ylang Ylang essential oil and pure grain alcohol.
Environmentally friendly ingredients to look for include grain alcohol, coconut or other plant oils, rosemary and sage.
In the 18th century, whiskey was not aged in barrels and therefore was served as a clear grain alcohol.
When many of us think of whisky (Scottish brands are spelled without the "e"), we might think of a sinus-clearing harsh grain alcohol that has little flavor and a lot of fire.
Army to help develop fuel cells powered by ethanol and grain alcohol.
It's reputed to have been a favourite of Lord Nelson, and uses a secret Spanish family recipe using wine alcohol rather than grain alcohol.
Yes, ethanol is ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol, the same ingredient found in beer and whiskey.
The ten per cent solution was like drinking wine, while the pure ethanol was equivalent to 200-proof grain alcohol.
Add 8 oz 100 proof Vodka, or, add to 4 oz pure grain alcohol (from the liquor store) and 4 oz pure water.
There are other cocktails associated with New Orleans, from the classic (the Sazerac) to the ridiculous (the Hand Grenade, served at Tropical Isle, made with over-proof grain alcohol.