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United States evangelical preacher famous as a mass evangelist (born in 1918)

United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)

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You've come to Jesus,'' Graham said from the stage.
Cary Allred, two Graham Savings Bank depositors who had organized opposition to the transaction, sought to cause the North Carolina Administrator to grant them a public hearing.
Graham makes three models at present: 5000 for up to 5-liter containers; 5000S for up to 6 liters with high versatility; and 15000 for up to 15 liters with multicavity options.
Graham Corporation (AMEX: GHM) announced today that it will release its results for the quarter and nine months ended December 31, 2006 before the opening of the financial markets on Friday, January 26, 2007.
He was a third generation pioneer in this fast developing cultural landscape, which first included the likes of Isadora Duncan and Denishawn and later Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey.
Billy Graham, 86, spoke in understated terms of his lifelong evangelical mission: ``to serve the Lord and preach the Gospel.
11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Graham Technologies LLC, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions to government and commercial clients was awarded a three year contract with a total value of $3.
When her marriage ended, Camille Graham continued to pursue one of her biggest dreams--to become a doctor.
Millionaire optometrist Robert Graham wanted to build a new social order, and he wanted to start by asking a few smart men to masturbate for him.
Renewal involves creation and re-creation, and the only creative act the Martha Graham Dance Company has proved truly adept in, since Graham's death in 1991, is the creation of controversy.
About six hours later, agents from several agencies served a search warrant at the Woodland Hills home in which Graham was staying, finding more than 550 pounds of cocaine, $1.
Graham won his Senate seat with a pledge to support the president's war on terror and since taking office he had been a steady advocate of the Iraq War.
Religious terminology may be used to describe psychosocial problems; possession by a spirit, experiences of sorcery and magic, the temptation of the devil--these and other culturally bound expressions are common (Al-Issa, 2000; Al-Krenawi & Graham, 1997).