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the act of grafting something onto something else


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The traditional approach to nasal tip and dorsal augmentation grafting has been to use individual grafts with multiple sutures.
Lam was asked a number of questions within the article related to whether he considers fat grafting an acceptable alternative to using fillers and what he believes the future of fat grafting techniques, and their use along with stem cell therapy, will be.
METHODS: A prospective database was maintained from July to December 2006 for all burn wounds managed by split skin grafting.
Lytle, a major proponent of ITA grafting, that track record is disappointing.
Diverse terminology has been used including graft frequency, degree of grafting, grafting degree, graft density, for example.
PTFE is an excellent grafting material; however, it is notorious for leaking and because of PTFE's "no-stick" surface, it is very difficult to seal with conventional methods.
Critics, however, have argued that these grafting experiments suffered from many methodological shortcomings, casting doubt on the genetic similarity of cheetahs.
19 Brachial Artery Catheterization to Facilitate Endovascular Grafting Of AAA: Safety and Rationale 81
If objectionable scar remains after 1 year, we will consider excision of this small area followed by primary closure or skin grafting.
During the past years, our laboratory has been very much involved in the free radical grafting of monomers onto existing polymer backbones by reactive extrusion (1) with emphasis on the chemical aspects of the problem.
NYSE:MDT) today announced that the FDA Dental Products Advisory Panel has unanimously voted to recommend approval, with a condition the use of INFUSE[R] Bone Graft for certain oral and maxillofacial bone grafting procedures.
6) In this article, we discuss the results of laryngotracheal reconstruction procedures that involved the use of muscle-pedicle hyoid bone as a grafting material.
The number of patients requiring grafting at one or both treatment sites was also evaluated.
Successful skin grafting of intraoral defects can be challenging.