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Synonyms for graft

Synonyms for graft

money, property, or a favor given, offered, or promised to a person or accepted by a person in a position of trust as an inducement to dishonest behavior

Synonyms for graft

(surgery) tissue or organ transplanted from a donor to a recipient

the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage

the act of grafting something onto something else


cause to grow together parts from different plants

Related Words

place the organ of a donor into the body of a recipient

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Man of the Match went to Jamie Kelly, best tackler went to Nathan Taylor, and grafter went to Ronan Costello.
The Newsome defence was, again, brilliant with Man of the Match, McGuire leading the way and grafter, Paxman along with Louis Senior putting in great tackles.
Man Of The Match went to Alfie Broscolmbe whilst the Grafter award was shared by Matthew Shufflebotham and Cole Martin, who was making his Newsome debut.
Man Of The Match went to Wesley McGuire and the Grafter award was awarded to Thomas Spiliotis.
Grafter was Billy Haywood for his tireless work around the pitch and a clever pass to set up Thomas Spiliotis who powered over to seal Newsome's first victory of the season.
MOM: Sholan Haggarty, opposition MOM Michael Byrne, grafter Dane Thorpe, top tackler Callum Taylor (14).
Grafter went to Alfie 'the tackling machine' Broscombe.
Awards: Coach's MoM Zach Stainsbury, referee's MoM Jamie Kelly, top tackler Callum Mulkeen, most improved player Joe Duns and top grafter Oliver Whitaker.
7 million grafters - one in eight of all workers - below the breadline.
Frank Styles: Grafters Gables A unique combination of street art and storytelling in Hendon, Frank Styles' Grafters Gables was made up of seven massive murals and an original novella by local author James Whitman, all combining to take visitors on a tour of Hendon's history while introducing them to some of the area's many amazing characters.
You need grafters when you go to places like Old Trafford, and a midfield of Allen, Jordan Henderson and Steven Gerrard is full of graft.
Support the honest grafters That help our country grow.
Lt Col Southall added: "I will remember his calm, considered manner and, as one of life's grafters, his professionalism was meticulous, 'If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right' he'd tell his boys, both in training and on task.
5 billion) from grafters, and to respond to an estimated P300 billion (Dh25 billion) budget deficit in 2011.